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09-Oct-2007: WikiBond - The Dutch webarchive about the most famous fictional Secret Agent: James Bond 007
28-Sep-2007: ActProper - A manners and etiquette wiki with the goal of making the world nicer
27-Sep-2007: Bionic Wiki - Wiki documenting the world of NBC's new show Bionic Woman
25-Sep-2007: Folkipedia - A wiki for Folk & Traditional song, music and dance
25-Sep-2007: Tradexicon - A wiki with everything relating to trading, finance, business and companies
14-Sep-2007: Wiki Comuni-Italiani.it - wiki guide on all italian cities, information and photo
12-Sep-2007: ADD TV: The Robot Chicken Wiki - wiki for Robot Chicken television show
04-Sep-2007: JargonF - French IT dictionary
01-Sep-2007: Wikimagination - collaborative fantasy worldbuilding
29-Aug-2007: WikiDex - A Pokémon encyclopedia
27-Aug-2007: Peoplandard - A Project-Wiki to regulate democratic, international standards.
26-Aug-2007: RationalWiki - A pro-science, anti-creationism website.
18-Aug-2007: Radswiki - Radiology wiki that anyone can edit.
16-Aug-2007: Terrorchid - Wiki on Terrestrial Orchid culture, companion wiki for the terrorchid forum and gallery
16-Aug-2007: wiki.tango.info - a wiki for tango argentino, run by tango.info (t.i).
14-Aug-2007: Flash Gordon - a wiki about the Flash Gordon comic strip, serials, movie and TV show.
12-Aug-2007: AberWiki - a wiki oriented towards seafront town of Aberystwyth in west Wales.
12-Aug-2007: WikiWeddings - A free wedding planning site that everyone can edit.
11-Aug-2007: Humane Earth - Define, plan, and act - to make a more sustainable, inclusive, safe, and cruelty-free world.
09-Aug-2007: Wikipornia - For collecting information on porn actors, films and studios.
09-Aug-2007: RoWikicity - A free, fictional country that everyone can edit!
04-Aug-2007: Trustlet - A transparent, cooperative environment for the scientific research of trust metrics on social networks.
04-Aug-2007: TrentoWiki - A wiki for the city of Trento in Italy.
01-Aug-2007: Wikifixmycar - Collaborative car repair manual for every car.
01-Aug-2007: Wikihorses - Encyclopedia of horses and horse-related topics.
01-Aug-2007: Symbolism Wiki - Guide to literary symbolism.
01-Aug-2007: CDWiki - A large Wiki about Audio-CDs (german)
01-Aug-2007: Kivapedia - wiki supporting Kiva, online microlending to small businesses in developing countries.
01-Aug-2007: Greenlivingpedia - green living and sustainable building wiki.
29-Jul-2007: Pensapedia - city wiki for Pensacola, Florida (USA) seaport.
28-Jul-2007: Tribalwiki - the tribalradix wiki ~ workings of the world - untie!
27-Jul-2007: Ron Paul wiki - 2008 USA Presidential Candidate Ron Paul wiki. Help save America by getting him the Republican Nomination.
27-Jul-2007: HD AV wiki - HD Audio Video Custom Installation wiki. Discusses AV products, methods and custom installation
27-Jul-2007: SnoWiki - Snow Lifestyles: Snowboarding and Skiing Extreme Sport Wiki
27-Jul-2007: wiki Pollution - Tackling pollution worldwide through anonymous geographic collaboration
27-Jul-2007: wiki Global Warming - Analyzing the causes, situations and implications of societies views on Global Warming
26-Jul-2007: WiKitsune - Online encyclopedia of foxes
25-Jul-2007: International Music Score Library Project - public domain musical scores

14-Jul-2007: Ugugu - a German and English-language private wiki on outstanding musicians and actors.
14-Jul-2007: Mikiwiki - a German-language private wiki on Linux-based computers.
10-Jul-2007: PetCities - a user edited database on cities and their pet friendly places.
06-Jul-2007: Beekeeping Wiki - english, romanian and spanish project sites about beekeeping.
03-Jul-2007: NativeWiki - an online collaborative wiki project of NativeWeb to allow users to 02-Jul-2007: XCRides.com - Mountain bike routes in Italy.
02-Jul-2007: Dead Rabbit - Dead Rabbit Wiki encompassing the entire universe of Dead Rabbit characters, as well as a look behind the music.
01-Jul-2007: Copula Wiki - An information exchange platform for researchers in the field of copula theory.
29-Jun-2007: WindowsWiki - German Wiki about Microsoft Windows (especially the Alpha- and Beta-Versions)
27-Jun-2007: WindelWiki - German-language wiki (about diaper lovers?)
27-Jun-2007:CIO - Portal - An information exchange platform for Austrian Chief Information Officers (CIO)
24-Jun-2007: AoCWiki - A Wiki about the game Age of Conan and Conan lore
22-Jun-2007: TeleWiki - business telecommunications related information, installation, programming, and documentation.
22-Jun-2007: Illogicopedia - an insane repository of words put together in no particular order.
20-Jun-2007: Sudopedia - A wiki for Sudoku players
17-Jun-2007: NikkiWiki - The premier online adult model encyclopedia
10-Jun-2007: wiki.Единоборства.info - Russian project dedicated to martial arts.
12-Jun-2007: YouWiki - Australian project site where users can share their interests with the world.
09-Jun-2007: The Music Snob - Musicians sharing info. on local music scenes
30-May-2007: Jesus-Wiki - The Christian Encyclopedia
28-May-2007: Lunarpedia – a wiki about the Earth's Moon - Luna - exploration and settlement
25-May-2007: Quakerpedia – a wiki about Quakers, aka the Religious Society of Friends
18-May-2007: Motorcycle Wiki - A wiki about everything motorcycle! That includes motocross, Superbike racing, motorcycle riders, manufacturers, and much much more!
15-May-2007: Bondpedia - A wiki about James Bond movies, books, videogames, and more
26-Apr-2007: Back to the Future - All about the well known movie
26-Apr-2007: Locopedia - a new German humor wiki
19-Apr-2007: GameOntologyProject - Building knowledge about games
18-Apr-2007: RTAWReefpedia - information resource for reef keepers
11-Apr-2007: HPSDWiki - High Performance Systems Division at LLNL
06-Apr-2007: Puppet Wikia - All about puppets
05-Apr-2007: LyricWiki - Lyrics to over 200,000 songs, vibrant community of 3000+ editors
04-Apr-2007: Wikibase - Free city guide project
30-Mar-2007: GovITwiki - (Government IT wiki), government information technology and computing
29-Mar-2007: NY Canals - featuring the New York's Erie and other Canal Systems