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This user language template renders the appropriate page display in the primary or 'mother' category of a specific language which is spoken by the people who use (or have previously used) this WikiIndex wiki site; and creates a standardised display, with uniform formatting, and appropriately targeted links (internal wikilinks, and external links by way of interwiki). These specific categories are all part of category: Wiki People by Language. This template has either one or two input requirements – immediately after {{UserLanguageCategory| . . ., the first is compulsory, the second being optional (but preferred when possible).

  • 1st — the two- or three- letter ISO 639 language code, (plus any sub-language letters, eg: en-gb, pt-br, zh-hk, zh-tw, etc); see template:Language and template:LanguageNames;
  • 2nd — native translation of 'The people in this category listed below (language)'; if no is entered, only the English description will be displayed.

{{UserLanguageCategory|ISO 639 code|native language translation}}

  • two-input one-language output example: {{UserLanguageCategory|es|no}}
which displays at the top of the page:
The people in this category listed below speak Spanish.
  • two-input two-language output example: {{UserLanguageCategory|sv|Dessa användare pratar '''svenska'''.}}
which displays at the top of the page:
Dessa användare pratar svenska.
The people in this category listed below speak Swedish.
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