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<noinclude>[[File:StructuredDataGraph.png|frameless|left|585px]]</noinclude><includeonly>[[Page has default form::Wiki| ]][[Category:All]]<!--
<noinclude>[[File:StructuredDataGraph.png|frameless|left|585px]]</noinclude><includeonly>[[Page has default form::Wiki| ]][[Category:All]]<!--
     Starting categorizing logic
     Starting categorizing logic
-->{{#if: {{{logo|}}}| |[[Category:Wikis to add]]}}<!--
-->{{#if: {{{logo|}}}| |[[missing::logo| ]]}}<!--
-->{{#if: {{{recentchanges URL|}}}| |[[Category:Wikis to add]]}}<!--
-->{{#if: {{{recentchanges URL|}}}| |[[missing::recentchanges URL| ]]}}<!--
-->{{#if: {{{wikinode URL|}}}| |[[missing::wikinode URL| ]]}}<!--
-->{{#if: {{{wikinode URL|}}}| |[[missing::wikinode URL| ]]}}<!--
-->{{#if: {{{about URL|}}}| |[[missing::about URL| ]]}}<!--
-->{{#if: {{{about URL|}}}| |[[missing::about URL| ]]}}<!--
-->{{#if:{{{status|}}}|[[Category:{{{status|}}}]]|[[Category:Wikis to add]]}}<!--
-->{{#if:{{{status|}}}|[[Category:{{{status|}}}]]|[[missing::status| ]]}}<!--
-->{{#if:{{{language|}}}|[[Category:Wiki {{ucfirst:{{{language}}}}}]]|[[Category:Wikis to add]]}}<!--
-->{{#if:{{{language|}}}|[[Category:Wiki {{ucfirst:{{{language}}}}}]]|[[missing::language| ]]}}<!--
-->{{#if:{{{editmode|}}}|[[Category:{{{editmode}}}]]|[[Category:Wikis to add]]}}<!--
-->{{#if:{{{editmode|}}}|[[Category:{{{editmode}}}]]|[[missing::editmode| ]]}}<!--
-->{{#if:{{{engine|}}}|[[Category:{{alt engine|{{{engine}}}}}]]|[[Category:Wikis to add]]]}}<!--
-->{{#if:{{{engine|}}}|[[Category:{{alt engine|{{{engine}}}}}]]|[[missing::engine| ]]}}<!--
-->{{#if:{{{maintopic|}}}|[[Category:{{{maintopic}}}]]|[[Category:Wikis to add]]}}<!--
-->{{#if:{{{maintopic|}}}|[[Category:{{{maintopic}}}]]|[[missing::maintopic| ]]}}<!--
-->{{#if: {{{license|}}}|[[Category:Wiki {{{license}}}]]|[[Category:Wikis to add]]}}<!--
-->{{#if: {{{license|}}}|[[Category:Wiki {{{license}}}]]|[[missing::license| ]]}}<!--
-->{{#if: {{{backupurl|}}}|[[Category:Wiki Backups]]}}<!--
-->{{#if: {{{backupurl|}}}|[[Category:Wiki Backups]]}}<!--
-->{{#if: {{{wiki factor|}}}|[[Category:{{WikiFactorCatText|{{{wiki factor}}}}}]] [[wikiFactor::{{{wikiFactor|0}}}]]}}<!--
-->{{#if: {{{wiki factor|}}}|[[Category:{{WikiFactorCatText|{{{wiki factor}}}}}]] [[wikiFactor::{{{wikiFactor|0}}}| ]]}}<!--
     Ending categorizing logic
     Ending categorizing logic

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[{{{URL}}} {{{logo}}}] [{{{URL}}} Wiki]
[{{{recentchanges URL}}} Recent changes]
[{{{wikinode URL}}} WikiNode]
[{{{about URL}}} About]
Status: [[:Category:{{{status}}}|{{{status}}}]]
Language: [[:Category:Wiki {{{language}}}|{{{language}}}]]
Edit mode: [[:Category:{{{editmode}}}|{{{editmode}}}]]
Wiki engine: [[:Category:{{{engine}}}|{{{engine}}}]]
Main topic: [[:Category:{{{maintopic}}}|{{{maintopic}}}]]

See also: template:Wiki boilerplate, template:Size, and specifically for Wikia wikis: template:Wikia boilerplate. When adding or amending a date for the backup file, or page count and wikiFactor, please use full ISO 8601 date format as shown (YYYY-MM-DD).

{{Wiki <!--see 'Template:Wiki' for full detail-->
|name             = <!--use if wiki name is different from article name, or to include tagline; otherwise, DELETE this field-->
|URL              = YourWikiHttp <!--start with http:// or https:// - eg: http://YourWikiURL.org/wiki/Main_Page; if unknown, 'UnknownWikiURL'-->
|logo             = No <!--you may upload and wikilink, or hot-link to a URL-->
|wide logo        = <!--insert 'y' when the logo is too wide AND / OR the title is too long-->
|recentchanges URL= No <!--http://YourWikiURL.org/wiki/Special:RecentChanges-->
|wikinode URL     = No <!--http://YourWikiURL.org/wiki/WikiNode - if none, use 'No'-->
|about URL        = No <!--http://YourWikiURL.org/wiki/PROJECTNAMESPACE:About - if none, use 'No'-->
|mobile URL       = No <!--http://m.YourWikiURL.org or http://YourWikiURL.org/index.php?title=Main_Page&mobileaction=toggle_view_mobile-->
|founder          = <!--wiki founder(s) name(s); default is plain text, wikilink only to existing article; if unknown leave void-->
|status           = YourWikiStatus <!--'Active' is appropriate for most sites; see Category:Wiki Status for more info-->
|language         = YourWikiLanguage <!--eg: English, Multilingual, Japanese etc; only ONE entry in this field-->
|editmode         = YourWikiEditMode <!--'OpenEdit' if users can edit without logging in, LoginToEdit if not; see Category:Wiki Edit Mode-->
|engine           = YourWikiEngine <!--the software which the wiki runs on, eg: MediaWiki; see Category:Wiki Engine-->
|license          = YourWiki'sLicense <!--preferred; see Category:Wiki License; if NO license, 'NoLicense'-->
|maintopic        = YourWikiTopic <!--the main, primary topic; other sub-topics can be added as tags within the prose below-->
|backupurl        = <!--backup file URL, found at '/Special:Statistics' on Wikia & some other MediaWiki sites-->
|backupdate       = 2018-MM-DD <!--ISO 8601 date of backup URL, as in YYYY-MM-DD; if unknown leave void-->
{{Size <!--see 'Template:Size' for full detail-->
|pages= <!--type the plain number of pages; NO thousands separators-->
|statistics URL= No <!--page count source (often a '/Special:Statistics' page); if unknown type 'No'-->
|wikiFactor= <!--preferred; if unknown leave void; see: Category:wikiFactor-->
|wikiFactor URL= <!--wF source (often 'PopularPages', 'Mostvisitedpages', 'PageHits'); if unknown leave void-->
}}(Page count as of: 2019-MM-DD<br>wikiFactor as of: 2012-MM-DD)<!--YYYY-MM-DD; manually add/amend date when stats are verified and/or updated-->

{{Stub}} <!-- remove this comment (between <!-- and -->) after:
type description of your wiki here, and 'tag' specific notable words to include them into categories as follows {{tag|notable subject}}
(This tag construction is used when you want a word in the text to wikilink to the category of that same name.)

If a taggable category name does not appear in the prose text, use and amend the '[[Category:FirstAdditional]]' etc at the BOTTOM of
the page to manually add categories.  It would also be helpful to add the year of founding, like so... -->
[[Category:FoundedIn20xx]]<!--http://YourWikiURL.org/index.php?title=Special:AncientPages or http://YourWikiURL.org/w/index.php?title=Main_Page&dir=prev&action=history-->
All wiki language boilerplate versions available for template:Wiki