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Wikis with wikiFactor {{wikiFactorCat|{{{1|0}}}}}<noinclude>
Wikis with [[wikiFactor]] {{wikiFactorCat|{{{1|0}}}}}<noinclude>
This [[:Category:Templates|template]] formats names of [[wikiFactor]] {{tag|wikiFactor|categories}} using the [[Special:Categories|categorising]] utility [[template:wikiFactorCat]].
This {{tag|Category templates|template}} formats names of [[wikiFactor]] {{tag|wikiFactor|categories}} using the [[Special:Categories|categorising]] utility [[template: wikiFactorCat]].
Made for use within [[template:Size]] (maybe later on within [[template:Wiki]]).
Made for use within [[template: Size]] (maybe later on within [[template: Wiki]]).
[[Category:Category templates]]

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Wikis with wikiFactor 0

This template formats names of wikiFactor categories using the categorising utility template: wikiFactorCat.

Made for use within template: Size (maybe later on within template: Wiki).