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!style=text-align:right| <span class=plainlinks>[{{{URL|{{{URL}}}}}} {{{logo|{{{logo}}}}}}]</span>
!style=text-align:right| {{{logo|{{{logo}}}}}}
| [{{{URL|{{{URL}}}}}} {{{name|{{{name|{{PAGENAME}}}}}}}}]<br>[{{{recentchanges URL|{{{recentchanges URL}}}}}} RecentChanges]<br>[{{{wikinode URL|{{{wikinode URL}}}}}} WikiNode]
| [{{{URL|{{{URL}}}}}} {{{name|{{{name|{{PAGENAME}}}}}}}}]<br>[{{{recentchanges URL|{{{recentchanges URL}}}}}} RecentChanges]<br>[{{{wikinode URL|{{{wikinode URL}}}}}} WikiNode]

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{{{logo}}} [{{{URL}}} Wiki Engine]
[{{{recentchanges URL}}} RecentChanges]
[{{{wikinode URL}}} WikiNode]
Status [[:Category:{{{status}}}|{{{status}}}]]
Language [[:Category:Wiki {{{language}}}|{{{language}}}]]
Edit mode [[:Category:{{{editmode}}}|{{{editmode}}}]]
Main topic Wiki Engine
Programming language [[:Category:{{{prog language}}}|{{{prog language}}}]]
Software license [[:Category:{{{s/w license}}}|{{{s/w license}}}]]

Wiki Engine template boilerplate:

Use this template for generating an infobox in the 'mother' or 'parent' article or category for a specific wiki engine; such as WikiWikiWeb, UseMod Wiki, ProWiki, MediaWiki, MoinMoin, XWiki, Wikidot, etc. The {{WikiEngineFeatures}} will generate an external link to a specific page about the wiki engine on the WikiMatrix wiki.

{{Wiki Engine <!--see 'Template:Wiki Engine' for full detail-->
|name             = WikiEngineName –<br>''tagline''<!--if engine name is different from article name, and/or has tagline; otherwise, DELETE this field-->
|URL              = WikiEngineURL<!--start with http:// or https:// eg: https://WikiEngineURL.org, if unknown 'UnknownWikiURL'-->
|logo             = [[File:NoLogo.png|alt=Description of logo image]]<!--you may upload and wikilink, or hotlink to a URL-->
|wide logo        = <!--insert 'y' when the logo is too wide AND / OR the title is too long-->
|changes URL      = No <!--revision history, change log or roadmap URL, if none, use 'No'-->
|wikinode URL     = No <!--eg: https://WikiEngineURL.org/WikiNode, if none, use 'No'-->
|about URL        = No <!--eg: https://WikiEngineURL.org/About, if none, use 'No'-->
|documentation URL= No <!--eg: https://WikiEngineURL.org/Documentation, if none, use 'No'-->
|main topic       = Wiki Engine
|founder          = Wiki engine founder<br><small>(founder and CTO, etc)</small><!--wiki engine founder & other position(s); wikilink if needed, if none, use 'No'-->
|CEO              = Owner and/or CEO<br><small>(owner and/or CEO)</small><!--wiki engine Owner/Chief Executive Officer; wikilink if needed, if none, use 'No'-->
|language         = Interface language<!--language(s) of interface, eg: English, Multilingual, Japanese etc-->
|prog language    = WikiEngine ProgrammingLanguage<!--WikiMatrix will advise correct prog lang-->
|s/w license      = YourSoftwareLicense<!--WikiMatrix will advise; 'Multi license' if more than one (detail in prose below), 'NoLicense' if none-->
|status           = Wiki engine status<!--'Active' or 'Dormant' if available, 'Dead' if not-->
<<<--Description of wiki engine goes here.
Describe its origins and development, person who created it (founder), and if evolved ({{tag|fork}}ed) from another existing 
engine.  Is it {{tag|open source}} and/or {{tag|free software}} ({{tag|FOSS}}), or is it commercial, if so, at what price?
Try to add its programming language and software license (inc. version in this prose), and detail of any other 
features or attributes.  Try to list any database requirements, and any [[:Category:Wiki syntax|wiki syntax]] 
options; such as does it support [[CamelCase]], [[interwiki]], [[free link]]s, [[backlink]]s, [[sister wiki]], etc.-->>>


;''External links

Please add the year of founding of the wiki engine, like so...

Highlight the text above in the blue/grey 'boilerplate', select copy (Ctrl-c on your keyboard), and then paste (Ctrl-v) it at the top of the edit box of the relevant wiki engine article or category, then amend the fields to the right of the = sign with the requested information. Don't forget to click on the 'Show preview' button (or alt+p on your keyboard) to verify your edited detail is correct before saving (alt+s).

See also: WikiEngineTree for an overview of wiki engine development, template:WikiEngineFeatures, and template:Wiki Farm.