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For wiki sites with {{{1}}} as their subject-matter, see: [[:category: {{{1}}}]].

Template: Wiki language category — this category here on WikiIndex contains wiki sites and / or wiki engines that are written in {{{1}}}, irrespective of their subject-matter. For wiki sites written in languages other than {{{1}}}, see category:Wiki language for an appropriate selection, and for wikis written in more than one language, see category:Wiki Multilingual.


This language template is used on individual sub-category pages ONLY within category: Wiki language. Its purpose is to render a standard header text for a 'Wiki language' category. Usage of this Template: Wiki language category will auto-include categories as a sub-category within category: Wiki language. This template should not be used anywhere else.


Simply select (highlight) {{Wiki language category|Language name}} and copy (Ctrl-c or ⌘-c on your keyboard), then paste (Ctrl-v or ⌘-v) at the top of the edit box of the required Wiki language category, then amend Language name to the actual language name, and then save (Ctrl-s or ⌘-s) your edit.

It will also be helpful to add a further one- or two-line brief explanation (two carriage returns after the end of the {{Wiki language category}} template code) about where, or which countries the specific language is used in. For an example of the Wiki Oromo language category, the following was added:

The '''Oromo language''' is an {{Wp|Afroasiatic languages|Afro-Asiatic language}}; spoken by the {{Wp|Oromo people}}, and the neighbouring peoples in {{tag|Ethiopia}} and {{tag|Kenya}}.

Which displays

The Oromo language is an Afro-Asiatic language; spoken by the Oromo people, and the neighbouring peoples in Ethiopia and Kenya.

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