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File:Logo AquariuWiki.png The Aquarium Wiki
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Status: Active
Language: English
Edit mode: OpenEdit
Wiki engine: MediaWiki
Main topic: Pets


A wiki based encyclopedia that provides the aquarist hobbyist a central resource of all things aquarium-related.

We have fish, plants, invertebrates and amphibians profiles, disease and medical treatments, as well as product reviews.

Commercial companies, clubs, associations and aquarium societies can have a whole page to list and promote themselves.

A comprehensive glossary of technical terms is also available.

  • As a special feature which so far is unique in the aquarium hobby, is the ability to add our search engine via Opensearch to your web browser (IE7 or Firefox) to instantly find out an aquatic term.

We're aiming at being the most popular aquarium encyclopedia online, to this end we always in need of more contributors.

So if you know something about keeping aquatic animals or plants then you're more than welcome to paste a word or two in.

We are at:

Administrators are: Brian Malinconico (USA) and Stuart Halliday (UK)

Wiki Size: 2,608 pages see stats...
wikiFactor: 42 info / verify ...

(As of: 29 August 2014)