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Main topic: The (Somewhat) Imaginary Land of Bob

If you have something wildly more important to do than read about dozens of other universes and characters (including its new president that decides our fate), then go do it. When you are done with that, come back here to read this.

The infinitiverse of Bob & Co. is presented here! The infinitiverse is everything that there is. Minus one. Or two, if you think about it. You probably don't know who Bob is. In fact, (as of January 12, 2012) 6.999999984 out of 7 people don't know! If you have heard of Bob, you can help us by adding and editing pages. Also, tell us in the comments if you now know about Bob so we can update the statistics. If you see a link to any page that has not yet been created but you would like to see, please tell us in the comments to make that page and we'll get right to it. If you don't like anything, also tell us in the comments or just fix it yourself! Please log in to your account before you make any changes. Also, no spammy spam or we will find you. If you choose to be a jerk and not even help out this wiki, at least vote in the poll.