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Welcome to WikiIndex, a wiki 'index' of wiki, wiki people, wiki software, wiki farms, and wiki ideas – a 'WorkInProgress'. This is part of a continued effort to self-organize information collaboratively.

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The front page of this wiki of wiki is Welcome. There are several ways you can peruse this wiki. Through the structured data in the left-hand column; those are categories that link to other wiki with similar characteristics.
Community portal
Some of the most active wiki we have indexed are tagged with vibrant, there are also many thousands more active wiki. We also list dormant wikis, and even private wikis, and sadly, those wikis which are no longer with us.  :-(
Random page
Perhaps the most interesting way to travel this wiki is by the random page link above the search box on the left sidebar, among the many other links on the left sidebar.
We encourage folks to set up a WikiNode at their wiki.
Wiki engines
Wikis wouldn't be 'wikis' without their dedicated software, known as a 'wiki engine'. Browse through our category of all wiki engine software, and see just what makes a wiki unique.
Wiki farms
Love them or hate them; some of the most popular wikis are hosted by a commercial wiki farm. There are many wiki farms to choose from; ranging from the smaller-scale personal hosts, to farms specialising in just one subject matter, through to the behemoth that is Wikia – we have a plethora listed here on WikiIndex. Look and see what others have to say about our wiki farm listings.

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