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In 2003 I started a “localpedia” based on Mediawiki, perhaps the oldest in Spain. A Wiki about Arija (, town in the north of Burgos. We opted for a “local” project over Wikipedia for several reasons: - Create a participatory community. There are contributions, and especially stories, from various authors - Not be subject to a "neutral point of view", nor to academic norms of confirmed data and information. - Also avoid the "tyranny" of librarians (personal point of view). - Paraphrasing Balmes, to be factories rather than warehouses. Combine formal data with personal opinions.

Administrator of other websites based on Mediawiki, such as, and, always non-profit sites

Actually I am Coordinator for Digital Transformation at the Royal Basque Society of the Friends of the Country, deploying platforms for the Digital Publications of the Bascongada (, the Photographic Archive (, and Collaborative Transcripts (

I have been also professor at the University of the Basque Country, Coordinator of I2BASQUE (, and Director of Scientific Policy in the Basque Government from 1985 to 1987.