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Welcome Harry! Good to see you. Best, MarkDilley


Harry, thanks for the contributions! I hope to meet you soon --Raymond King | talk 01:35, 2 Feb 2006 (EST)


Made u a caricature, hope you like it but feel free to take it down if you don't :-) --Raymond King | talk 17:00, 4 Feb 2006 (EST)

hehe! Excellent! -- Harry Wood 15:30, 5 Feb 2006 (EST)

Thanks Harry

Hi Harry, I'm Donny, I submitted PattayaWiki, thanks for clearing up the categories, I am new to Wikis and wasn't sure whether or not to go for a scattergun approach - obviously I got it wrong, sorry about that. I have now checked out other Wikis categorized here as "Places" and am getting a better idea of what is appropriate.

The main guy behind the PattayaWiki is Pete who has been running the forum for about a decade - it's an excellent forum with a lot of knowledgeable regulars. I suggested a wiki because I noticed how a lot of excellent contributions were submerging over time and the same questions were being asked again and again; veteran users were becoming antagonistic towards newbies who apparently didn't know how to use the search feature. I had never run a wiki but am a heavy Wikipedia user and am convinced that, if we can dig out all the wisdom that has been shared over the years in forum and refashion it for the wiki, it will be an extremely useful resource.

I believe that the subject matter is legitimate and, as more and more people relocate or retire to Thailand, it is important that they be informed not only of the highlights but also the pitfalls.

Donny 15:03, 8 Feb 2006 (EST)

No worries Donny, we are still working out how things happen here. Glad to have you here. Best, MarkDilley | talk
Hi Donny. Yep I deleted those categories on PattayaWiki because I thought they were bogus, but there is some merit in the 'scattergun approach'. Certainly we are looking to create more categories beyond those we already have. And in fact if we wanted to go for a 'folksonomy' type approach, then actually we would slap in lots of words under each wiki, and later on the more useful/popular words would emerge. Maybe we need to think it through before starting down that route, but it's a possibility. I guess the place to talk about that would be 'Talk:How do tags work'. In the meantime there's probably a few more categories (maybe even some which exist already) which PattayaWiki belongs in. Anyway, welcome Donny! -- Harry Wood