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welcome back! thanks much - I feel so much better working with actual human beings. :-) TedErnst | talk 15:22, 26 Jan 2006 (EST)


check out Add a Wiki and How do tags work. I jiggered it a bit, let me know what u think, thx --Ray 02:44, 27 Jan 2006 (EST)

John, I've got a little problem with the "tag" and "category" template. It's a trailing space issue -- when you use the template within a body of text, it somehow adds a trailing space inside the template results and worse, requires that you don't add a trailing space afterwards, else it messes up the output. Any ideas?


hi John, WSR3 is becoming active. see -- Max

future wiki-nodes

Hello John, I am toying with the mark-up for wikinodes that are not there and TedErnst asked me a good question. Can we currently sort on a no for URL_wikinode? Meaning if we do what I am thinking about (e.g. The_league_of_scarybirds with the - WikiNode) does that damage being able to find those? Best, MarkDilley | talk

List of wikis by size

Is it possible to introduce another categorization criteria, by size (conservative pages count)? 04:17, 27 Feb 2006 (EST)

Page count would be interesting, but difficult to keep up-to-date. It would also be interesting to measure other things, like the edit rate of wikis, which will vary over time. And the number of active users. But we wouldn't want to be measuring these things by hand. We could try to build a tool to automate some wiki analysis. Visiting wikis as a web-bot. It could also present the figures on the wikiindex wiki by updating the wiki as bot, but it might be easier to implement as a seperate display, as least initially. -- Harry Wood 06:26, 27 Feb 2006 (EST)