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uwlibrariese (ŭ-līb′răr-ēse′, ū-līb′răr-ĭ-ēse′, yūl′īb-răr-ēse′) n.

  1. Vernacular version of English libraryspeak found among the denizens of the physically and linguistically isolated University of Wyoming Libraries as impacted by imposed vocabulary from consortia and vendors.
  2. Staff-produced wiki that lists and defines standard words and acronyms used at the University of Wyoming Libraries.
  3. http://uwlibrariese.wikispaces.com. [neologism inspired by Richard Machalek’s difficulties understanding his employees during his stint as Interim Dean of Libraries> uw, abbreviation of University of Wyoming or uwl, abbreviation of University of Wyoming Libraries + Lat. librarium + ME < Ital. < Lat. –ensis, originating in]