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A '''vanity wiki''' is a [[wiki]] that is used as a {{tag|personal}} {{w|vanity press}}, and may include [[:Category:Advertising|advertising]] (particularly self-promotion), self-deprecation, or attempts to become an internet [[:Category:Celebrity|celebrity]]. A vanity wiki can sometimes be a [[bliki]]; used for journaling, propagation of one's [[:Category:Ideas|ideas]] and [[:Category:Opinion|opinions]], etc.
A '''vanity wiki''' is a wiki used as a personal {{w|vanity press}} for advertising (including self-promotion), self-deprecation, or attempts to become an Internet celebrity. A vanity wiki can sometimes be a [[bliki]] used for journaling, propagation of one's ideas and opinions, etc. Vanity wikis typically have only one regular contributor, the owner.
The term is by all means a {{tag|point of view}}, because it is more about the believed intentions of the person or persons behind the endeavour, and not about observable facts.  So when anybody calls a wiki names, you know now what it means in this case.
[[AbbeNormal]] is a vanity wiki that made it into [[Wikimedia]]'s [[interwiki map]], where it remains today.
[[AbbeNormal]] is a vanity wiki that made it into [[:Category:Wikimedia Foundation|Wikimedia's]] [[interwiki map]], where it remained until [[Meta-Wiki:Talk:Interwiki map/Archives/2015#johnabbe.wagn.org/AbbeNormal|January 2015]]
;See also
*[[Vanity Wiki (Wikia)]] — <tt>http://vanity.Wikia.com/wiki/Vanity_Wiki</tt> – for the Wiki with the same name
*[[Vanity page]] — an individual page within an established wiki covering the same or similar ideas
[[Category:Personal| ]]
[[Category:Point of view| ]]

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