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Make this the splash page.

Welcome to WikiIndex, we are a wiki of wiki. We help new wiki folk find wiki communities they are interested in. We help experienced wiki folk think about larger issues in wikidom. (how many wiki are being started and dropped, sharing GreatFeatures - thinking about, as a whole wiki community, how to deal with spam.


For extra fun you may notice that caricatures have been made by Rhoda Grossman for the people on this site and from RecentChangesCamp!



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Wiki News

WikiIndex Main Page Revamp

May 15th, 2006

We've just revamped the main page with the idea of making it easier for readers to get right to what they want. You are invited to help us flush out the main and sub categories; the ones we put up were just a quick start.


May 4, 2006

WikiSym is coming up in August in Denmark. There is already an impressive list of speakers, including Angela Beesley, Doug Englebart, Mark Bernstein and WardCunningham, plus part of the conference will be in OpenSpace.

Lindsey Hart Interview

May 8, 2006

Check out Lindsey Hart's Wiki Interview for her senior thesis, and add your own comments!

Peer to Patent

May 14, 2006

Its tough for the USPTO to get up to speed in all areas for which patent applications are sent to them. That probably has something to do with why they are so backed up and often have to rubber stamp applications without a more in depth review. To address this problem, the USPTO has launched a pilot program called “Peer to Patent” which employs the JotSpot wiki engine. The idea is to open up the review process and invite the community to help dig up prior art and provide other assistance to the examiners.