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WikiApiary is a wiki that collects, analyzes, and displays information about the usage and performance of MediaWiki websites; its main focus is to examine other MediaWiki sites to see what extensions they run, and how they operate. Naturally, WikiApiary itself runs on MediaWiki, and also uses the Semantic MediaWiki (SMW) plugin.

WikiApiary was created by Jamie Thingelstad, aka Thingles, with assistance from Karsten Hoffmeyer who edits under his username Kghbln (and others). It allows anyone to edit, providing they register and confirm a valid e-mail address. Much of the page updating on the site is carried out by three bot accounts. Originally created in English, WikiApiary was expanded to include other languages, including: German, formal German, Greek, French, and Russian. More recent language additions include Catalan, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Turkish, and Chinese.

Differences between WikiApiary and WikiIndex

Thingles wrote on 17 November 2013:

". . . I think WikiIndex and WikiApiary are very different. Notably, WikiApiary is only about the MediaWiki-verse, where WikiIndex is about the entire Wikiverse. WikiApiary is more about data, WikiIndex is more about text and background . . . I've considered adding some timeline features to WikiApiary so that users and more importantly bots could start to build a history for a wiki. I had considered supporting non-MediaWiki wikis at one point, but no other wikis have such robust API's and now WikiApiary is so entrenched in the MediaWiki ecosystem I have little interest in trying to support others. Skin:Main Page and Extension:Main Page would be less useful if it were generic. For MediaWiki sites on WikiIndex it would be really cool to be able to feed a live infobox from WikiApiary with data on usage. Some sort of Widget or something. . ."
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