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WikiIndex:Add a Wikifr: WikiIndex:Ajouter un Wiki, it: WikiIndex:Aggiungi una Wiki

You are invited to add a wiki to WikiIndex, see About. Please follow these three simple steps:

Step 1 – check if it's already listed here

Please check the drill-down view of list of wikis . Find the correct name of the wiki.

Use the search feature in the left side menu to check if the wiki is already listed here. We already have quite a big index. Try some alternate names of your wiki (e.g. with or without the word 'wiki' on the end, or the word 'the' at the beginning). If you find it, and the URL is the correct one, there's no need to add it again, just edit the existing information!

Step 2 - Create the Wiki page

if needed...

Type the name into the edit field and click on the 'Create or edit' button, you will be transferred to a newly created article page. Fill in there what you know -- at least the URL link address of the wiki.

Then save the page.

To put a logo on the wiki description page...

  • You must login or create an account or login before you can upload an image
  • Click on the "Upload file" link in the lower left hand toolbox
  • Locate your logo file using the browse button
  • Upload the file
  • Copy the page name of the image page
  • Replace No (which automatically displays "Image:NoLogo.png") in the code above with your image page name
  • Save the page

On the other hand, if you don't want to login to wikiindex and know the Logo URL you can hotlink to that logo using this url in the field logo.

Note: if you upload an image that starts with a lower case character, this first character is automatically converted to upper case. The server is case sensitive. So prepare to link to "Logoxyz.gif" when you've actually uploaded "logoxyz.gif".

An alternate way to put a logo on the wiki description page is described at WikiProject:Logos.

Optional – categorizing

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