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Welcome to the WikiIndex Community Portal
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Community news  [edit]

2018 – bugs and updates

It seems we have a few bugs affecting our WikiIndex wiki, so it would be a good idea to consolidate all known bugs in one place. Furthermore, the MediaWiki software that powers our wiki is a little outdated (version 1.24.2), so it would be prudent to consider upgrading not only the core MediaWiki software, but also any requests for any new MediaWiki extensions. Please report your bugs, raise your requests, or contribute to the discussion in the appropriate page listed below.

14 December 2017 – server move

Folks, we would like to take the site offline and migrate WikiIndex to a new server on Tuesday, December 19th at 1:00PM Pacific Time (21:00 UTC). We anticipate the maintenance period will persist until 3:00PM Pacific Time (23:00 UTC).

Please let me know if this time is problematic. And if folks could take a look afterwards to verify that all plugins and special site features are functioning correctly, that would be great. We don't anticipate any issues.

Thanks Raymond King | talk

Rockin!! ~~ MarkDilley
We've been working on the migration and it turns out that with all the extensions, it's a bit more difficult than we anticipated so we're going to regroup and try again, but probably not for a week or so. Sorry and we'll keep you posted! Raymond King | talk
Update: ETA Tues, Jan 9th around 1 or 2PM PDT for the migration Raymond King | talk

December 2017 – Wiki.Wiki has closed

Homepage of announces the end of the wiki farm Moreover the domain is unavailable now. --Manorainjan 17:04, 5 December 2017 (PST)

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This is a place for barn raising - building together!

Thanks for your effort to make WikiIndex a great place to be! The tasks that we are currently working on are in the left column below. Please feel free to ask questions about this page, or WikiIndex in general on the discussion page.

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