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WikiIndex:How do categories work — this 'meta' article here on WikiIndex describes the requirement to add further categories to an existing article here on WikiIndex beyond its 'main topic'. This help page describes the additional command (or wiki syntax) which may be used within the description prose area, or as separate categories listed below the prose description at the very bottom of the edit box.


Basic overview

  • Add relevant categories (and / or tags) to articles; try to be consistent and use CamelCase where there are multiple words such as 'ProgrammingLanguages'.
  • As new categories are added (without any text within said new category), category pages will naturally appear in the Special:WantedPages section; create these 'red link' category pages as needed. Also, if these category pages are subordinate to larger categories, categorize them appropriately. i.e. the category 'Lisp' should be a sub-category of 'Programming', and hence when you (originally) create(d) the category 'Lisp', categorize that category pages in 'Programming'.
  • Top-level categories should be categorized to 'Wiki Topic', which is the highest level. From time to time, the WikiIndex article page (as indeed many other existing article pages) will require manual updating of the top- and high-level categories.
  • A list of every category used at WikiIndex — whether or not its actual category page has been 'created' (ie, a red link category), much less whether that category has been properly categorized — is at Special:Categories.

WikiIndex category map

An early illustration of how categories fundamentally work here on WikiIndex. The blue coloured categories now form the basis of 'structured data' now used on WikiIndex as part of the Semantic MediaWiki extensions.

See also

Template: Category discussions

Note: in order to assist readability of included talk pages, please ensure the template rendering this table is kept at the BOTTOM of the displayed page (manually move to bottom if required).
This is the text of the Template: Category discussions. It is intended to connect the various discussions about categories here on WikiIndex that are taking place (or have previously taken place) on various pages. Please also see WikiIndex: How do categories work, and how to use our {{Tag}} template. If you find a discussion on categories which does not display this message box, please add this template by copying the following {{Category discussions}}, and pasting at the bottom of the edit box on the required talk page, and then go edit this template to include it, and summarise the discussion you found. The following discussions have taken, or are taking place:

You can also check all pages that link to this template (using the backlink function).