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  • 2021-12-29: Historical Hastings – history of Hastings in Sussex, England, UK
  • 2021-10-30: Indicators of Compromise – a DokuWiki site for cybersecurity professionals
  • 2021-10-20: Encyclopaedia Daemonica – a parody of Encyclopedia Dramatica, and now part of the Uncyclomedia Foundation
  • 2021-10-01: Institut AIFB – a 'by invitation' wiki from the Institute of Applied Informatics and Formal Description Methods, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany
  • 2021-08-18: Wikimedia Beta Cluster – a small wiki farm of test wiki running the latest alpha version of MediaWiki for MediaWiki developers
  • 2021-08-17: Star Kirby Wiki (zh) – a Chinese language site for Kirby
  • 2021-07-26: WSU Technology Knowledge Base – a 'by invitation' wiki from the Teaching, Learning, and Technology Services (TLT) at Winona State University (WSU), Minnesota, USA
  • 2021-06-29: WikiAlpha – a collection of articles which are identical copies of articles listed for deletion on Wikipedia
  • 2021-06-28: A Lisp in Wonderland – a wiki software (wiki engine) written in Common Lisp, to ease the collaboration on editable web pages
  • 2021-06-24: Clash of Clans France – a French wiki for the Clash of Clans video game
  • 2021-06-20: – a collaborative, community project to gather information useful for vegans and interested parties
  • 2021-04-06: Verified Handles – is a non-profit database for social handles (or username) aimed at combating impersonation on social media sites
  • 2021-04-04: HandWiki – encyclopedia for professional researchers in various branches of science, technology, and computing
  • 2021-02-14: Encycla – Git-based wiki style encyclopedia and knowledge sharing website
  • 2021-01-03: WikiPedalia – a site about bicycle technology in German based on the technical knowlege of Sheldon Brown


  • 2020-10-09: Falkland Historic Buildings – historic and listed buidilngs in Falkland, Fife, Scotland
  • 2020‎-06-29: ZUM Deutsch Lernen – an open learning platform for German as a foreign language and German as a second language
  • 2020‎-06-17: WikiAjuda – from Brazil, WikiAjuda aims to be a portal where Portuguese-speaking users can help people find everything they need


  • 2019-04-27: Wikidocumentaries – for writing history for every historian: amateur historians, scholars and all citizens interested in history
  • 2019-02-19: WikEMThe Global Emergency Medicine Wiki, is the world's largest emergency medicine open-access reference resource
  • 2019-01-11: WiGLE Wiki – a site in support of the Wireless Geographic Logging Engine (WiGLE) suite of software packages and apps for all WiFi infrastructure


  • 2018-12-31: Ikhwanwiki – Arabic encyclopedic wiki by the banned Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood
  • 2018-12-28: Geopoeia – Creative Counterfactuality multilingual wiki; ‘Creative counterfactuality’ is the creation (or ‘construction’) of fictional (imaginary, counterfactual) variants of parts or aspects of the world as we know it, and includes geofiction, constructed worlds and languages, and alternate/counterfactual history
  • 2018-12-05: FreeWiki – German wiki for 'disputed' topics that get censored on Wikipedia, especially alternative medicine
  • 2018-11-22: Fanonpedia – a fanon wiki for everything
  • 2018-10-01: Rebornpedia – a Spanish fan-game wiki
  • 2018-09-21: Protopedia – a 3D-encyclopedia of proteins and other molecules
  • 2018-09-21: Coastal Wiki – a wiki for and by coastal professionals
  • 2018-08-29: Radio Wiki – a list of New Zealand radio frequencies and call signs for radio scanning
  • 2018-08-29: RL3 – a wiki dedicated to the RL3 language
  • 2018-08-12: BingoLottoWiki – a Swedish wiki dedicated to the long running TV show BingoLotto
  • 2018-07-26: Religions Wiki – a counter-apologetics wiki that is meant to provide a thorough resource for responding to theistic arguments
  • 2018-07-23: Lolcow Wiki – a facts-oriented encyclopedia of eccentricity
  • 2018-07-13: Svensk MJ-Wiki – a Swedish railway modelling wiki
  • 2018-07-03: F-Zero Wiki (German) – a German F-Zero wiki
  • 2018-06-30: Wiki Dragon Quest‎ – a French Dragon Quest wiki
  • 2018-06-13: Pokémon-wikin – a wiki for the Swedish dub of the Pokémon anime
  • 2018-06-10: Wikivoyage Association – home to the meta wiki for the Wikivoyage project
  • 2018-06-06: Adelsvapen-Wiki – a Swedish wiki for coats of arms
  • 2018-05-31: Лунная Библиотека – a Russian wiki for My Little Pony run on DokuWiki
  • 2018-05-31: Pokémon 3D Wiki – a wiki for the fan-made Pokémon game Pokémon 3D
  • 2018-05-30: SAFE Network Wiki – a secure data storage and communication platform, owned by users and controlled by no one
  • 2018-05-27: Rightpedia – an encyclopedia from the alternative media
  • 2018-05-19: PlaneMapper Wiki – a reference for aviation
  • 2018-05-13: PokéPlaza Wiki – a never started Swedish Pokémon wiki
  • 2018-05-13: Drive Wiki – a wiki dedicated to collecting information regarding the science-fiction webcomic DRIVE, by Dave Kellett
  • 2018-04-17: Fextralife Wikis – a wiki farm for video game wikis
  • 2018-04-12: SotAwiki – a wiki dedicated to the Shroud of the Avatar game
  • 2018-04-05: Kaijumatic – a wiki dedicated to giant monsters throughout movie history
  • 2018-03-30: Harry Potter Wizards Unite Wiki – a wiki for the Harry Potter Wizards unite mobile game
  • 2018-03-30: Pokemon GO Wiki – a wiki for the popular mobile game Pokémon GO
  • 2018-03-30: Pokémon World Online Wiki – a wiki for the fan-made game Pokémon World Online
  • 2018-03-30: TPPC Wiki – a wiki ofr the fan-made Pokémon game TPPC
  • 2018-03-29: Magikarp Jump Wiki – a wiki for the Pokémon game Magikarp Jump
  • 2018-03-24: Yugipedia – a wiki dedicatecd to the Yu-Gi-Oh series
  • 2018-03-21: Biblioteka Ossus – a Polish Star Wars wiki
  • 2018-03-16: Pikmin Neowiki – a Pikmin wiki hosted on neoseeker
  • 2018-03-16: Pokémon NeoWiki – a Pokémon wiki hosted on neoseeker
  • 2018-03-13: Valve Wiki Network – a network of Valve related wikis
  • 2018-03-12: Dubbingpedia – a Polish wiki about Polish dubbing
  • 2018-03-12: Klingon Language Wiki – a wiki about the Klingon language
  • 2018-03-11: Project X Wiki – a wiki about 'project X', a modification of Worms Armageddon
  • 2018-03-11: Worms W.M.D Wiki – the official Worms W.M.D wiki
  • 2018-03-11: Pixelmon Wiki – a wiki for the Minecraft mod Pixelmon
  • 2018-03-11: Pokémon Vortex Wiki – a wiki for the fan-made Pokémon game Pokémon Vortex
  • 2018-03-10: CEMU wiki – a wiki about the CEMU emulator
  • 2018-03-10: Dolphin Emulator Wiki – a wiki about the Dolphin emulator
  • 2018-03-07: The Official Pokemon Insurgence Wiki‎ – the wiki for the fan-made Pokémon game Pokémon Insurgence
  • 2018-02-28: Splatoon 2 Wiki – a wiki about Splatoon 2
  • 2018-02-28: Bulbanews – Bulbagardens' news outlet
  • 2018-02-28: PidgiWiki – an image depository
  • 2018-02-27: Pokémon Wiki (Vietnamese) – a Vietnamese Pokémon wiki
  • 2018-02-27: PokeMMO Wiki – a wiki about the fan made game PokeMMO
  • 2018-02-27: 포켓몬고 위키 – a Korean Pokémon GO wiki
  • 2018-02-25: Fjantopedin – a wiki about the YouTube humor group Monte Fjanton
  • 2018-02-25: Azurilland Wiki – a Pokémon wiki hosted by
  • 2018-02-25: Azurilland Wiki (pt-br) – an Brazilian Portuguese Pokémon wiki hosted on
  • 2018-02-25: Hellenic Pokémon Wiki – was a Hellenic Pokémon wiki
  • 2018-02-22: Animal Crossing Wiki – the German Animal Crossing wiki




  • 2015-12-05: Ромянă Чирилице Wики — free open-edit encyclopedia in Cyrillic Romanian
  • 2015-11-27: OperaWiki‎ — German wiki about Opera Browser
  • 2015-11-03: Inkipedia — the free, editable Splatoon wiki
  • 2015-10-22: Simplepedia‎ — new German language wiki on 'controversial' subjects
  • 2015-09-31: RootzWiki‎ — how to root your smartphone
  • 2015-09-28: VroniPlag Wiki‎ — detecting plagiarism in masters thesis
  • 2015-09-20: Prepaid-Wiki — prepaid mobile phone services in Germany in German language
  • 2015-09-12: — German electronics wiki
  • 2015-07-17: — encyclopedia's mythologies in Spanish language
  • 2015-07-16: — dance techniques
  • 2015-07-16: — volunteer peer reviewed MediaWiki-based academic journal
  • 2015-07-08: — the Ada Developers Academy addresses diversity in Seattle's tech community
  • 2015-07-08:‎ — Hong Kong Politics DB (politicians and political parties in Hong Kong)
  • 2015-07-07: Hillary Clinton Wiki — about Hillary Clinton
  • 2015-07-07: — Kuchařka (English: cookbook) is for students (or Matfyzáks) at MMF UK, the Prague institution also known as Matfyz
  • 2015-07-07: — dedicated to the Grand Theft Auto franchise
  • 2015-07-04: — encyclopedia's mythologies in Spanish language (see
  • 2015-06-24: The Library Wiki — a site seeking to collect, store, and archive fan-fiction for reading purposes
  • 2015-06-16: — Pasaulinė Mokslo Enciklopedija (PME) means 'World Encyclopedia of Science' in Lithuanian
  • 2015-06-16: — Spanish-language wiki about the Instituto Profesional Chileno Británico de Cultura
  • 2015-06-16: — used by a community of teachers who work on a project called English as a Foreign Language Resources and Materials; EFL is an acronym for English as a Foreign Language
  • 2015-06-16: — dedicated to the Polish Minecraft server Craftown
  • 2015-06-16: — Russian-language wiki for faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics at Moscow State University
  • 2015-06-16: — dedicated to environmental art
  • 2015-06-16: Wikifen.Wiki — Spanish-language wiki about the Universidad de Chile
  • 2015-06-16: — about Zabbix, an enterprise open source monitoring solution for networks and applications
  • 2015-06-16: — dedicated to Otherfaith, a modern polytheist religion created in 2010
  • 2015-06-11: — dedicated to game shows
  • 2015-06-01: — dedicated to the television series Bella and the Bulldogs
  • 2015-06-01: — Portuguese-language wiki about Unai, a city in Minas Gerais, Brazil
  • 2015-05-26: — documentation by the project team of Enigmail, a free and open source OpenPGP plugin for Mozilla applications
  • 2015-05-26: — community theatre
  • 2015-05-05: — Washington, D.C.
  • 2015-03-12: Death With Dignity Wiki — about physician assisted dying and end of life options
  • 2015-03-10: — repository for all things OUYA, both hardware and software
  • 2015-03-07: Unbreakable Machine-Doll Wiki — an encyclopedia about the Unbreakable Machine-Doll light novel, manga, and anime
  • 2015-02-27: — homeschooling
  • 2015-02-27: — community project for collecting reviews of... everything!
  • 2015-02-24: — anarchism
  • 2015-02-17: — researched and conflict-free alternatives and recipes to common household products
  • 2015-02-10: — Cascadia Wikimedians User Group, an officially-recognized Wikimedia user group serving the Cascadia region of North America
  • 2015-02-10: — dedicated to game cheats
  • 2015-02-08: — dedicated to My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, the My Little Pony franchise, and its fandom
  • 2015-01-29: Messenger of God Wiki — dedicated to people who are considered messengers of God
  • 2015-01-29: — dedicated to extraterrestrial life
  • 2015-01-29: SheboyganWiki — dedicated to Sheboygan County, Wisconsin
  • 2015-01-23: Wiki.Wiki — a wiki farm for the new .wiki top level domain (gTLD)
  • 2015-01-23: YouTube Poop Wiki (de) — deutsches YouTube Poop-Wiki (German YouTube Poop wiki)
  • 2015-01-21: — family-friendly activities and resources in Cordova, Alaska
  • 2015-01-21: — teaches Chinese and Japanese through a fictional story set in Arcania City
  • 2015-01-21: — dedicated to the Kannada (India) film industry
  • 2015-01-16: Wiki — info about all aspects of gender outside the binary



  • 2013-12-30: Gensoukyou: Eastern Story — a Touhou role-playing community
  • 2013-12-28: Apertium — free/open-source platform for developing rule-based machine translation systems
  • 2013-12-17: La Librairie de Thermographie — French thermographic wiki, also in English and Dutch
  • 2013-12-17: Unwelcome Guests — broadcasters who produce a fortnightly, public domain 2 hour talk radio show on a range of topics
  • 2013-12-15: Pinata — Viva Piñata wiki
  • 2013-11-22: Who's Who from the Arab World — encyclopaedia about prominent Arabs past and present
  • 2013-11-18: SuicideWiki — online repository of suicide reasons, methods and miscellany
  • 2013-11-14: ChildWiki — the children's liberation encyclopaedia
  • 2013-11-11: Nudist History Wiki — seeks to compile a complete source of nudist history in North America
  • 2013-10-25: PolyWiki — the global storehouse of information and ideas about polyamory
  • 2013-10-25: 77 Days Wiki — encyclopaedia of the 77 Days Mystery
  • 2013-09-01: iSC Pedia 3.0 — 'The True Wiki(a) Encyclopedia', available in a number of languages
  • 2013-08-06: LXDE Wiki — Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment
  • 2013-08-03: WikiSuriya — Arabic wiki about the Syrian Civil War
  • 2013-07-14: Teacher Story Wiki — wiki for the game Teacher Story by Motion Twin
  • 2013-06-25: Gastro-Wiki — German wiki about kitchen technology for the catering industry
  • 2013-06-17: Wikipink — Italian language LGBT wiki
  • 2013-06-09: TranzWiki — directory of resources for transgender people in the United Kingdom
  • 2013-06-08: Gentils Virus — French wiki on thoughts of participatory democracy
  • 2013-05-25: The Neverhood Wiki — a wiki about The Neverhood
  • 2013-05-24: Whuspedia — a new wiki of humor
  • 2013-05-16: ROS Wiki — site for ROS 1 (Robotics Operating System), an open source OS and SDK for robotics devices
  • 2013-05-02: TheyServed Wiki (Wikia) — dedicated to all contributions made by the British Armed Forces during WW1 & WW2
  • 2013-04-06: Sobel Wiki — an encyclopaedia of Robert Sobel's alternate history For Want of a Nail: If Burgoyne Had Won at Saratoga
  • 2013-04-03: h2g2The Guide to Life, The Universe and Everything, a collaborative site from Douglas Adams, the author of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
  • 2013-04-01: 20% Cooler wiki — a My Little Pony (MLP) wiki
  • 2013-03-31: HârnWiki — a wiki for developing material for the role-play world of Hârn
  • 2013-03-24: Open Mesh — a wiki about building free and open mesh networks
  • 2013-03-24: Monster Frontier — a wiki about an iTunes Store application game, where you will find useful information on the game
  • 2013-03-06: Alvin and the Chipmunks Wiki — a wiki about the animated & CGI musical groups, The Chipmunks and The Chipettes
  • 2013-01-23: Research Groups Wiki — comparing Research Groups


  • 2012-12-28: WikiTunisie — information about Tunisia in French-language
  • 2012-12-10: CoDeSaH Wiki — la wiki de RuneScape en Español
  • 2012-12-05: Socialbar — a wiki about a social community which is dedicated to sharing information
  • 2012-11-24: Lengas Bastidas — a wiki about constructed languages, in Occitan-language
  • 2012-11-23: Oisquipèdia — a humourous wiki, in Occitan-language
  • 2012-11-21:‎ — about group games for youth groups, workshops, seminars, or wherever you play games
  • 2012-11-19: Test-Wiki — ein deutsches Wiki, wo man machen kann, was man will, auch Uploads von Bildern, Audios und Videos
  • 2012-11-06: ‎SDIY wiki — for learning and sharing knowledge about making your own electronic musical instruments and related equipment
  • 2012-10-29: LGBT History UK — history of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender people, places, organisations, and events in the United Kingdom
  • 2012-10-29: Wikisage — general interest open free wiki encyclopaedia in Dutch and English
  • 2012-10-27: Torque OBD2 Wiki — automotive wiki on Android-powered OBD2 scan tools
  • 2012-10-10: Nostalgia Wikipedia — a frozen snapshot of the English Wikipedia from 20 December 2001
  • 2012-10-09: Open Web Application Security Project — a wiki for the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP)
  • 2012-10-08: WebPlatform Docs — aims to become a comprehensive and authoritative source for web developer documentation
  • 2012-10-06: The Business Model Project — a wiki about business models
  • 2012-09-30: UK Transport Wiki — a Wikia on public transport (buses and trains) of the United Kingdom
  • 2012-09-30: — an Arabic-language wiki about drafting the Constitution of Tunisia
  • 2012-09-29: Chemistry Wiki — an educational wiki to assist in GCSE / IGCSE studies
  • 2012-09-27: London's Burning Wiki — a Wikia about London's Burning
  • 2012-09-27: RLSH - Real Life Superheroes Wiki — about fictional Real Life Superheroes
  • 2012-09-09: Mt633 Wiki — personal wiki for Zach Harris' research in (primarily) math, theology, and computing
  • 2012-09-06: The Blackadder Wiki — a Wikia about the British television programme Blackadder
  • 2012-09-04: Freaks and Geeks — wiki about the television programme Freaks and Geeks
  • 2012-08-25: Quantum Conundrum Wiki — for Airtight Games' puzzle-platformer Quantum Conundrum
  • 2012-08-02: Touhou Patch Center — wiki whose goal is to translate the Touhou games into any language
  • 2012-08-02: Vnds Wiki — specialising in porting Visuals novels to the Nintendo DS
  • 2012-08-02: Vocaloid Software — a Vocaloid wiki that focuses on the technical aspects of the Vocaloid software
  • 2012-08-02: Depedia — a Spanish-language wiki about degrowth
  • 2012-07-25: Touhou Edge of Perspective‎ — a role-playing group that role-plays as Touhou characters
  • 2012-07-04: Nathania — Nathan Larson's personal bliki: biographies, interviews, essays, and more
  • 2012-07-03: DFRV - Regionalgruppe Berlin — the wiki for fundraisers in Berlin, Germany
  • 2012-06-26: Linux Gaming Wiki — a growing database of games that can be played on Linux, and instructions for running them
  • 2012-06-26: GameTree Linux Wiki — information about Cedega, which allows many MS Windows games to be played on Linux
  • 2012-06-26: Green Grass Ink — open wiki about the Inner-Mongolian singer Uudam, and his ideal ink greening the world
  • 2012-06-24: Islamic Finance Encyclopedia — free Arabic wiki encyclopaedia for Islamic finance
  • 2012-06-24: Isqat Al-Nizam — free Egyptian wiki encyclopaedia for the January 25 Revolution
  • 2012-06-20: WikiMaktabat — free Arabic-language encyclopaedia for library and information cataloging and archiving
  • 2012-06-20: UKAirsoftWikiAirsoft information site from the United Kingdom
  • 2012-06-10: Sturmkrieg — unofficial encyclopaedia for player created content related to Warhammer 40,000
  • 2012-06-07: Continuum Wiki — about the science fiction show Continuum
  • 2012-06-04: Class3Outbreak Wiki — information about Class3Outbreak zombie game
  • 2012-06-01: Semantic Stargate Wiki — English- and French-language semantic wikis about the Stargate franchise
  • 2012-05-29: WikiAuto — US-based automotive wiki for automobile, truck, and motorcycle repair
  • 2012-05-26: Pirates of the Caribbean Online Wiki — information resource for Pirates of the Caribbean Online
  • 2012-05-25: TV Maps Wiki — for maps from TV shows, films / movies, games, and more
  • 2012-05-19: Fun-Wiki — Ein deutsches Wiki, das lustige Sachen wie z. B Witze enthalten soll
  • 2012-05-13: Baustellenwiki — Ein deutsches Wiki bestehend aus Spielwiesen im Benutzernamensraum, einer Spielwiese und Ähnliches
  • 2012-05-13: Wikibaustelle — Ein deutsches Wiki bestehend aus Spielwiesen und Artikeln, die angelegt werden für die Wikipedia, wo jeder auch seinen Kram ablegen kann
  • 2012-05-08: (es) — Spanish version of the wiki, the free, open and neutral telecommunications network
  • 2012-05-08: (ca) — Catalan version of the wiki, the free, open and neutral telecommunications network
  • 2012-05-08: (en) — English version of the wiki, the free, open and neutral telecommunications network
  • 2012-05-08: Media-pool — media & template repository wiki of, the free, open and neutral telecommunications network
  • 2012-05-08: The Global Square — wiki about the social movements that occupy public spaces like squares all over the world, e.g. Occupy, 15M, Takethesquare
  • 2012-05-08: — a Spanish-language wiki about the collective
  • 2012-05-08: We Rebuild - Telecomix — a wiki about the Telecomix cluster of net activists
  • 2012-04-12: Firefox-Wiki — a German-language wiki about the free web browser Firefox
  • 2012-04-11: Forscherliga-Wiki — a German-language wiki about the World of Warcraft realm 'Forscherliga'
  • 2012-04-05: Arab Sciencepedia — Arabic-language Syrian free wiki encyclopaedia about scientific topics
  • 2012-04-04: SMWiki — containing information and resources to help with ROM hacking of the game Super Mario World
  • 2012-04-04: Foamypedia — a wiki about the web-toon Neurotically Yours
  • 2012-04-04: SM64 Machinima Wiki — information about Super Mario 64 machinima
  • 2012-04-04: Ikhwan(.net) Wiki — Arabic-language wiki encyclopaedia of the Muslim Brotherhood
  • 2012-04-03: Wiki Feqh — an Iranian (Persian-language) encyclopaedia about Islamic jurisprudence, Fiqh
  • 2012-04-02: Ikhwan Wiki — an Arabic-language official historical encyclopaedia of the Muslim Brotherhood
  • 2012-04-02: NetworkSet Wiki — an Arabic-language encyclopaedia about computer networks
  • 2012-04-02: Wiki Jubail — Arabic-language encyclopaedia about about biographies of the families of the city of Jubail in Saudi Arabia
  • 2012-04-02: Arabeyes — an Arabic-language wiki encyclopaedia about Arabising open source software
  • 2012-04-02: Kantoula — Arabic-language general-interest wiki encyclopaedia from Tunisia
  • 2012-03-29: Hero Tower Defense Wiki — about Hero Tower Defense
  • 2012-02-27: Copfilter — a wiki about an IPCop-Addon
  • 2012-02-27: Marefa — an Arabic-language wiki encyclopaedia
  • 2012-02-26: Powerbase — a wiki about lobbies, corporations, and pressure groups
  • 2012-02-23: True Capitalist Wiki — about an amateur radio show called True Capitalist Radio
  • 2012-02-19: Icaruspedia — a wiki about Nintendo's Kid Icarus franchise
  • 2012-02-14: Dessouswiki — German-language wiki about fashion and lifestyle
  • 2012-02-13: F-Zero Wiki — about Nintendo's F-Zero franchise
  • 2012-01-25: World Cruising and Sailing Wiki — information about cruising and sailing the oceans and high seas
  • 2012-01-24: FSFE Fellowship wiki — information for the Free Software Foundation Europe
  • 2012-01-21: Supernatural Wiki — a wiki about the television series Supernatural
  • 2012-01-18: OccupyWiki (UK) — a United Kingdom-based site for the occupy movement in Great Britain and Northern Ireland
  • 2012-01-10: ITU Encyclopedia — information about Istanbul Technical University
  • 2012-01-08: Irish Comics Wiki — comics and cartoonists from Ireland
  • 2012-01-08: Wikimpress (de) and Wikimpress (en) — German- and English-language wikis with dynamic content
  • 2012-01-03: Lego Glitch Central — a wiki about glitches within video games produced by the Lego Company
  • 2012-01-02: Claymore New Wiki — about Claymore, the manga and anime series


30-Dec-2011: Vampira Wiki — a German wiki about the paperback novel series VAMPIRA
30-Dec-2011: FLOSS Manuals — a wiki for collaborative writing of Free Software manuals
24-Dec-2011: Fanlore — wiki by and about fans and fan communities that create and consume fanworks
19-Dec-2011: Wikirating — a wiki for independent and transparent credit ratings - the alternative to mainstream credit rating agencies
17-Dec-2011: Looney Pyramid wiki — a wiki for people to play games or design games using the Looney Pyramid game system
16-Dec-2011: Mega Bloks — a wiki of all Mega Bloks sets released
07-Dec-2011: EffiWiki — a wiki of Efficient INDIA; the Tools and software tutorial wiki
02-Dec-2011: Personality Tests Wiki — a wiki about personality tests
24-Nov-2011: QuizMeUp — a wiki of quiz questions; the community where sharing quiz questions builds better quizzes
21-Nov-2011: My Little Pony NeoWiki — a wiki all about My Little Pony
14-Nov-2011: TestWiki — a wiki where anyone can be an administrator for testing purposes
10-Nov-2011: Awa — a wiki to share your opinion on places all other the world
06-Oct-2011: OccupyWiki — a wiki to serve the OccupyMovement - please join us!
27-Sep-2011: WikiMANNia — a wiki about masculism, men's rights and anti-feminism
27-Sep-2011: AudiWorld Wiki — a wiki for the website and forum, dedicated to Audi motor cars
26-Sep-2011: CorradoTechnik — a wiki for the Volkswagen Corrado automobile
26-Sep-2011: TEFLChina — a wiki for English teachers in China
25-Sep-2011: Ratiopol — a French political wiki that aims to address the problems faced by politicians
25-Sep-2011: — the biggest wiki for dentistry
24-Sep-2011: Debuntu wiki — a wiki for the Debian and Ubuntu operating systems
24-Sep-2011: ALF Wiki — a wiki for all things related to the fictional character ALF
23-Sep-2011: Ross-Tech Wiki — a wiki on the VAG-COM Diagnostic System (VCDS) for use on all Volkswagen Group vehicles
23-Sep-2011: Roccopedia — a wiki on the Volkswagen Scirocco (Mk3) automobile
22-Sep-2011: — a German wiki for Star Wars, second-biggest after Wookieepedia
22-Sep-2011: Digital Fortress — a wiki for Dan Brown's novel Digital Fortress
21-Sep-2011: Wiibrew — a wiki for Wii and Homebrew games
14-Sep-2011: Bhamwiki — a wiki for the Birmingham District in Alabama
07-Sep-2011: International AIDS Vigil, Toronto — a wiki for the International AIDS Vigil event in Toronto
05-Sep-2011: IT Security Wiki — a wiki for IT Security
01-Sep-2011: Men of War - Wiki — a wiki for the tactic-strategic video-game Men of War
01-Sep-2011: Tauschwiki — a German wiki for Local Exchange and Trading Systems
31-Aug-2011: — a wiki about information on hockey cards
30-Aug-2011: InterSciWiki — a wiki about trans-disciplinary research, especially networks and complexity sciences
29-Aug-2011: Roblox Wikia — the unofficial Roblox wiki
29-Aug-2011: Qmail wiki — a wiki about the software qmail
27-Aug-2011: Japanese beyblade — the official Beyblade wiki in Japanese
26-Aug-2011: Whitest Kids U' Know Wiki — information on the hilarious show The Whitest Kids U' Know
25-Aug-2011: Art du Web — a French wiki about system administration, by sysadmins
25-Aug-2011: Edinburgh City Wiki — a wiki about Edinburgh, Scotland
25-Aug-2011: Arx Fatalis Wiki — a wiki about the fantasy videogame Arx Fatalis
24-Aug-2011: Wikiloc — an Italian wiki about outdoor, travel, nature...
24-Aug-2011: District 151 Wiki — a wiki for competitive Pokémon battlers
23-Aug-2011: The Dark Tower Wiki — a wiki about the magnum opus of Stephen King
20-Aug-2011: Wikiapbn — Encyclopedia of Ministry of Finance, Indonesia
18-Aug-2011: Tatiana's TOMATObase — Heritage Tomatoes - a wiki about heirloom and open-pollinated vegetable varieties, with focus on tomatoes
17-Aug-2011: One Piece Wikia (it) — an Italian wiki about One Piece
17-Aug-2011: Stamps Wiki — a wiki about stamps from all time periods, rare or common
17-Aug-2011: One Piece Wikia (ca) — the Catalan wiki for One Piece
16-Aug-2011: One Piece Wikia (en) — a wiki about One Piece
16-Aug-2011: Chinese Wikisimpsons — the Chinese wiki for The Simpsons
15-Aug-2011: VIKIpedia — an Italian wiki about VIKI
15-Aug-2011: Lamonetapedia — an Italian wiki for numismatics
15-Aug-2011: Dimenticatoio — an Italian wiki about the 1980s
15-Aug-2011: RotoWiki — an Italian wiki about the city Rotondella's people
15-Aug-2011: Wikiviaggiatori — an Italian wiki for adventurist people
15-Aug-2011: CosenzaWiki — an Italian wiki about the city Cosenza's people
15-Aug-2011: Coscienziopedia — a Portuguese wiki about Conscienciology
15-Aug-2011: Ekopedia (it) — an Italian wiki about ecology
15-Aug-2011: EduEDA — an Italian wiki about art, formerly known as Wiki ARTpedia
15-Aug-2011: Wikiufo — an Italian wiki about UFOs
15-Aug-2011: Ufopedia — an Italian wiki about UFOs
15-Aug-2011: Naturpedia — an Italian wiki about nature
14-Aug-2011: Lords of Uberdark Wiki — an informative wiki for the game Lords of Uberdark
11-Aug-2011: The World God Only Knows Wiki — a wiki about the manga The World God Only Knows
10-Aug-2011: Fanartwii — a Spanish wiki about fanart for the wiiflow software
07-Aug-2011: Open New Zealand‎ — a wiki regarding government and democracy in New Zealand
03-Aug-2011: War in the North Wiki — a wiki all about the upcoming videogame, Lord of the Rings: The War in the North
03-Aug-2011: KernelEx Wiki — a wiki about KernelEx, an Open Source compatibility layer with an aim to allow running Microsoft Windows 2000/XP-only applications on Windows 98 and Windows Millennium Edition operating systems
01-Aug-2011: Men in Black Wiki — a fast growing wiki covering the entire Men in Black series
29-Jul-2011: Wikimedia Outreach — home for several Wikimedia Foundation outreach and collaboration initiatives
29-Jul-2011: Sci-fi Independent Wiki Alliance — a wiki alliance about sci-fi topics
29-Jul-2011: WikiQueer — encyclopedia and resource hub for and by the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning and ally communities
23-Jul-2011: Everybody Edits Wiki — a wiki about the multiplayer level editor everybody edits
23-Jul-2011: Crappypedia — a new wiki of humor
22-Jul-2011: Shihad Wiki — a wiki about New Zealand‎ band Shihad
22-Jul-2011: OARiNZ Knowledge Base Wiki — a wiki supporting New Zealand‎ repository projects
22-Jul-2011: Waihekepedia — a wiki with information about Waiheke Island, New Zealand‎
18-Jul-2011: Qi-Wiki — a wiki about the BBC television program Qi‎
15-Jul-2011: Roblox Wiki — an active wiki about the popular online sandbox MMO Roblox
15-Jul-2011: New Zealand Linux Wiki‎ — a New Zealand Linux Wiki‎
14-Jul-2011: Cheat Engine — a wiki about the popular gamehacking program Cheat Engine
03-Jul-2011: The Ferry Wiki — a wiki all about ferries and their companies from around the world
01-Jul-2011: Up The Punks — a wiki about punk music in Wellington, New Zealand
01-Jul-2011: Flight of the Conchords Wiki — a wiki about New Zealand comedy duo Flight of the Conchords
30-Jun-2011: Home and Away Wiki — a wiki about long running Australian TV show, Home and Away
30-Jun-2011: Shortland Street Wiki — a wiki about long running New Zealand TV show, Shortland Street
26-Jun-2011: Wikiwrimo — a wiki for all things National Novel Writing Month
26-Jun-2011: The Almighty Johnsons Wiki — a wiki about New Zealand TV show, the Almighty Johnsons
25-Jun-2011: ARRSEPedia — an unofficial wiki about the British Army
25-Jun-2011: Duran Duran Wiki — a wiki about the band Duran Duran
25-Jun-2011: Dresden Dolls Wiki — a wiki about the band Dresden Dolls
25-Jun-2011: GNS Science Public Wiki‎ — a wiki for New Zealand science collaboration
25-Jun-2011: Cricket Wiki — a wiki on the sport of cricket
24-Jun-2011: Music Ontology — a wiki on Music Ontology
24-Jun-2011: H-Town Rock Wiki — a wiki on music from Houston, Texas
24-Jun-2011: Postcards of Cornwall — a wiki on postcards of Cornwall, UK
24-Jun-2011: Kiwi Biker Wiki — a wiki on motorcycle clubs, etc, from New Zealand
21-Jun-2011: Glocal Focal — a wiki on social issues both local and global
21-Jun-2011: wikYpages — a wiki about local places and business, everywhere in the world
18-Jun-2011: Goatopedia — a wiki about the Royal Air Force
11-Jun-2011: Liverpool FC Wiki — a wiki about Liverpool Football Club
07-May-2011: Einstein University — the Free University
06-May-2011: Heraldik-Wiki — a wiki about heraldry
20-Apr-2011: Touhou Project Wiki — a wikia about the Touhou franchise (video games, comics, etc)
27-Apr-2011: Softeuskaraz — a wiki about software and web pages in Basque
14-Apr-2011: Pascal — a wiki for Pascal developers
11-Apr-2011: BirdWiki — for people passionate about Birding
09-Apr-2011: Maratrean Wiki — about the religion of Maratreanism
25-Mar-2011: ‎AtterWiki — about the Austrian region Attersee-Attergau
25-Mar-2011: ‎Chromium — open-source project behind Google Chrome
23-Mar-2011: Dragon Age Wiki — a wikia about Dragon Age franchise (video games, comics, etc)
23-Mar-2011: Mass Effect Wiki — a wikia about Mass Effect franchise (video games, comics, etc)
21-Mar-2011: WikiNorthia — a wiki about life in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne
21-Mar-2011: WikiShepp — a wiki about the history of the Goulburn Valley, in Australia
21-Mar-2011: ‎Delimiter — a wiki about Technology in Australia
20-Mar-2011: WIKINT — wiki focused on Intelligence Studies and Information Systems Security/Information Assurance
19-Mar-2011: — wiki about food, and their impact upon the body
18-Mar-2011: Planned Economy Wiki — wiki about the subject of Planned Economy
15-Mar-2011: WikiBound and NintendoWiki — wiki's on EarthBound/Mother and Nintendo, respectively
09-Mar-2011: mrbš — open-edit city wiki of the Germany city Meerbusch for both inhabitants and interested parties
08-Mar-2011: The Springfield Shopper — wiki with news articles about The Simpsons
08-Mar-2011: Simptionary — a Simpsons dictionary wiki
08-Mar-2011: UnSimpsons Wiki — a humorous wiki about The Simpsons
08-Mar-2011: Adventure Time Wiki — a wikia about the Cartoon Network series Adventure Time
08-Mar-2011: Random Wiki — write about anything, it's random; you will enjoy it
07-Mar-2011: Beachapedia — a project for publishing knowledge on coastal environmental topics
20-Feb-2011: LlamadaWiki — a wiki about a fictional land, you can create your own character, house and business
15-Feb-2011: California Criminal Defense Encyclopedia — provides information for people facing criminal charges in California
12-Feb-2011: Guardians of Ga'Hoole Wiki — wiki about Guardians of Ga'Hoole fantasy book series
11-Feb-2011: ‎RadioReference wiki — CollectiveAccess is a collections management application for museums, archives and digital collections
10-Feb-2011: ‎ATWiki — wiki about assistive technology; AT being any device or equipment used to maintain or improve the capabilities of people with disabilities
08-Feb-2011: ‎Fullmetal Alchemist Wiki...
08-Feb-2011: ‎Pork Bun Wiki — a wiki about Chinese pork buns
06-Feb-2011: ‎CollectiveAccess Documentation — CollectiveAccess is a collections management application for museums, archives and digital collections
04-Feb-2011: Svecthor Wiki — wiki about the great people who are Sven, Seth and Hector
04-Feb-2011: ‎DMFA Wiku — wiki about webcomic Dan and Mab's Furry Adventures
02-Feb-2011: ‎Biblepedia — wiki about webcomic Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth
31-Jan-2011: Club Penguin Fanon Wiki — a wiki where you can read and write Club Penguin fan fiction
27-Jan-2011: Chicken Wiki — one-stop resource for those lovable poultry, chickens
19-Jan-2011: Cyborg Anthropology — a resource for students and educators


  • 2010-12-30: Xwing: The Rogue Squadron Wiki — wiki all about the Rogue Squadron
  • 2010-12-23: StFWiki - Die Wiki zu Sternenfaust — all about the german science fiction series Sternenfaust
  • 2010-11-28: G-11-ongjin's Campaign Memorials: a Three Kingdoms Wiki — a detailed encyclopedia about the historic events of China's Three Kingdoms period
  • 2010-11-25: GhibliWiki — all about the productions of the Studio Ghibli
  • 2010-11-21: Discworld & Pratchett Wiki — a Terry Pratchett-oriented wiki including the Discworld novels and adaptions
  • 2010-11-21: Street Fighter EX Wiki — everything about EX series for the true Arika/Capcom fans
  • 2010-11-19: Windows Phone Wiki — the ultimate source and only wiki about Windows Phone 7 and its predecessors
  • 2010-11-18: The Italy Wiki — everything to do with Italy
  • 2010-11-15: Wiki-Photography — a brand new photography wiki for beginners and professionals alike
  • 2010-11-14: Human Nature: Science and Catholic Doctrine — about the relationship between social sciences and Catholicism
  • 2010-11-14: Gay History Wiki — about gay men and allies in Philadelphia and their organization, culture, etc
  • 2010-11-12: NORAD Tracks Santa — a wiki about NORAD Tracks Santa available year-round
  • 2010-11-11: Napoleon Bonaparte Wiki — a wiki about one of the most influential people ever, Napoleon Bonaparte
  • 2010-10-30: Wikicollect — the one like Japanese version of this site (WikiIndex)
  • 2010-10-26: BeagleBoard wiki — wiki about BeagleBoard (a single-board computer)
  • 2010-09-11: Physikwiki — German-language wiki about theoretical physics
  • 2010-09-03: Lylat Wiki — the sole, independent Star Fox wiki
  • 2010-09-03: emule-wiki — a wiki about eMule world
  • 2010-08-31: Casualty Wiki — wiki about the long-running BBC Television medical drama Casualty
  • 2010-08-24: Zelda Chaos — the largest Zelda glitches database on the web
  • 2010-08-21: The Uncharted Wiki — a wiki about the Uncharted video game series
  • 2010-08-18: ProjectRhea — a wiki created by students for students used to create/share/discuss education-related material
  • 2010-07-08: Portland Afoot — wiki about low-car life in Portland
  • 2010-06-24: Coasterpedia — a wiki about roller coasters
  • 2010-06-01: Sekirei — a wiki about the Sekirei manga and anime
  • 2010-05-20: Fable Answers — ask questions about anything to do with the Fable games
  • 2010-05-14: AeroGardeners Wiki — an AeroGarden encyclopedia containing Seed, Model, Recipe, and Tip articles
  • 2010-05-09: Wycliffe Model United Nations Wiki — complete resource and research tool for Model United Nations participants
  • 2010-05-01: Project Yuki Developer Wiki — for development of a free and open-source video game industry simulation game
  • 2010-04-09: Paragon Wiki — wiki about City of Heroes and City of Villains
  • 2010-04-06: Wikisimpsons — all about The Simpsons
  • 2010-04-06: Test Wiki (Wikia) — ???
  • 2010-04-03: Sam & Max Wiki — if it's about our favorite suit-wearing six foot dog and mentally unhinged rabbity thing, we have an article about it
  • 2010-04-02: Test Wiki — wiki for testing
  • 2010-04-02: Neciclopedie — wiki humor
  • 2010-03-22: BCP Airport Parking Wiki — everything you could want to know about Airport Car Parking at all other major UK airports
  • 2010-03-15: Dragon Ball — a wiki about the famous serie of Dragon Ball, in Spanish
  • 2010-03-12: GayPedia — gay information wiki in French-language
  • 2010-03-10: WiKirby — a wiki about Kirby
  • 2010-03-09: — a wiki with the mission of organising the African Diaspora in Alpha stage
  • 2010-03-09: Mass Effect Fanon — a fan wiki where anyone can create their own articles about their Mass Effect ideas
  • 2010-03-02: Libertarian Wiki — a wiki by and for libertarians
  • 2010-02-26: MUGEN Database — a database of MUGEN characters, stages and more
  • 2010-02-26: Wiki Web Help — a new wiki engine for help applications designed to work like a desktop help viewer
  • 2010-02-23: Pharm2Phork Wiki — wiki about project for open source solutions for agricultural sectors
  • 2010-02-03: Luzipedia — a new German humour wiki; satanical, satirical, critical cynical but never ever almost funny
  • 2010-02-01: Home Wiki — a wiki about homes; it has information about the people who make a place a home, structures and infrastructure, furniture and furnishings, decorating, safety, tips for 'how to' and other homemaking ideas
  • 2010-01-20: LocoRoco Wiki — a wiki for the PSP game, LocoRoco
  • 2010-01-18: War of Legends Wiki — a general purpose wiki collection of information about the new game produced by Jagex Ltd called War of Legends
  • 2010-01-18: Three Sheets Wiki — an encyclopedia about the show Three Sheets a travelogue/pub-crawl television series
  • 2010-01-18: Amazing Race Wiki — an encyclopedia about the show The Amazing Race, a reality television game show in which teams of two race around the world in competition with other teams
  • 2010-01-18: White Collar Wiki — an encyclopedia about the show White Collar, an original crime drama series
  • 2010-01-09: Wikirestauro — an encyclopaedic guide to antiques and restoration, according to the philosophy of Wikipedia and all the free wiki


  • 2009-12-29: Glestmaps — compendium of Glest Maps, Tilesets and Factions Wikia; the ultimate resource for Glest map editing, design tools, tile-set and faction downloads
  • 2009-12-15: Wiki69 — repository of sex stories and articles
  • 2009-12-01: Our Brant — local history for people from the County of Brant, Ontario, Canada to share their memories, life stories, and family histories
  • 2009-11-30: — gardening wiki / plant encyclopedia with 15,000 articles
  • 2009-11-26: Dragonica Online Wiki — about the new MMORPG,[clarify please] Dragonica Online
  • 2009-11-16: Wikichan — database detailing the memes, peoples, and topics involved in *chan culture
  • 2009-11-16: 1d4chan — database detailing the memes, peoples, and topics involved in 4chan's /tg/ (tradition games) board
  • 2009-11-14: Mafia Wars Wiki — about the social networking game Mafia Wars
  • 2009-11-09: Tech Tutorials — wiki for technology related tutorials
  • 2009-11-09: Airfix Dogfighter — wiki for fans of the Airfix Dogfighter game
  • 2009-11-03: Zelda Wiki — the Legend of Zelda series in depth, in universe style documentation; independent of Wikia as a collaborative wiki among related sites
  • 2009-10-30: Red vs. Blue Wiki — about Red vs Blue science-fiction comedy video series
  • 2009-10-08: Discoogle — wiki about popular music; including discographies, albums, lyrics, charts, bands, and musical artists
  • 2009-10-04: The Pet Wiki — everything about pets
  • 2009-10-01: Mjällomslandet — wiki regarding the place Mjällomslandet 134
  • 2009-09-30: Artyoulike — dedicated to the Art lover; is full of user generated content for the art world, including museums & art galleries from around the world
  • 2009-09-30: DiabloWiki — likely the biggest wiki for the Diablo franchise; covering everything from in-game class info and skills to lore, novels, merchandise, and fan creations
  • 2009-09-30: Titannica — the Fighting Fantasy wiki; dedicated to Fighting Fantasy, its locations, background lore, creatures, books and production
  • 2009-09-24: WoWWiki Sverige — Swedish-language information resource about World of Warcraft and the Warcraft universe
  • 2009-09-14: apostiladigital — Brazilian universities admission exam questions
  • 2009-09-13: Railwiki — dedicated to abandoned railroads across the United States
  • 2009-08-23: Dan Dascalescu's Wiki — personal wiki comparing electronics (displays, PDA phones, electric toothbrushes etc)
  • 2009-08-16: Starsky and Hutch Game Wiki — information on the Starsky and Hutch game
  • 2009-08-10: MarketsWiki — for current and historical information about the global exchange traded capital, derivatives, environmental, and related OTC[clarify please] markets
  • 2009-08-06: Fundraising-Wiki — German language non-commercial source of information and knowledge about fundraising
  • 2009-08-04: Lommepedia — Norwegian Pokémon wiki
  • 2009-07-30: Daidalos — Spanish wiki for aircraft dispatch officer and maintenance technician
  • 2009-07-30: LehramtsWiki — for teacher trainees at University of Duisburg-Essen
  • 2009-07-30: Lumeniki — allows 'debate mapping' of many controversial topics; featured topics include: backyard solar steam electricity generation, converting waste into food, wiki 'anarchism', and philosophy
  • 2009-07-28: Atlanta Wiki — new wiki about Atlanta, Georgia, and its surroundings
  • 2009-07-28: Debatrix — debate wiki that focuses more on discovering what is true, than just winning
  • 2009-07-25: Insekten Wiki — about insects and animals, in German
  • 2009-07-24: Wetter Wiki — site about weather, in German
  • 2009-07-10: ZTEX Wiki — ??????[clarify please]
  • 2009-07-04: Eatapedia — recipe wiki geared towards great eating, featuring many BBQ and Traeger (wood pellet) grill recipes
  • 2009-06-26: Free Health, Safety & Environment Information Sources — ??????[clarify please]
  • 2009-06-16: Royalist Canada — Canadian monarchist wiki
  • 2009-06-16: Sabrina The Teenage Witch Wiki — great database about the Sabrina The Teenage Witch
  • 2009-06-15: Director Wiki — international database for (movie?) Directors and anyone in the entertainment world
  • 2009-06-07: Serna Company Wiki — ??????[clarify please]
  • 2009-06-05: Mississippi Wiki — online guide to Mississippi people, places, and things
  • 2009-06-02: Peace Corps Wiki — ??????[clarify please]
  • 2009-05-24: Psychic Database Wiki — ??????[clarify please]
  • 2009-05-20: Animal Crossing Wiki — about the video game Animal Crossing
  • 2009-05-16: Zero Wiki — about the video game series Fatal Frame
  • 2009-05-09: Plants — gardening wiki with articles on (hopefully) every garden plant in the world
  • 2009-05-07: Helpinitalian — wiki site dedicated to learning Italian, with info for students or teachers
  • 2009-05-04: Avatar: The Last Airbender (de) — wiki about the comic TV show Avatar in German language
  • 2009-05-04: Narnia-Wiki (Deutsch)Narnia wiki in German language
  • 2009-04-29: CongervilleNet — local community wiki
  • 2009-04-27: WikiRococo — collaborative encyclopaedia about the Firesign Theatre
  • 2009-04-26: Alien vs Predator — all about the Alien and Predator franchise and the combined one
  • 2009-04-24: Catholic Guide — wiki relating to all things Roman Catholic
  • 2009-04-16: Wikimini — encyclopedia written for and by children aged from 8 to 13 years
  • 2009-04-14: Flyff Wiki — wiki about the popular MMORPG[clarify please] Flyff (Fly For Fun)
  • 2009-04-07: WikiFotball — Norwegian site for Norwegian football (soccer) teams, players, venues, and such
  • 2009-03-30: a Storehouse of Knowledge — general encyclopædia with a biblical worldview
  • 2009-03-26: Charles de Koninck — wiki on the philosopher Charles de Koninck
  • 2009-03-20: MechScape Wiki Nederlands — all aspects of MechScape in Dutch
  • 2009-03-18: Apologetics Wiki — for Christian apologetics
  • 2009-03-17: Stagepedia — wiki on all aspects of stagecraft and technical theatre
  • 2009-03-11: Scalable game design wiki — for scalable game design / iDREAMS / ITEST[clarify please]
  • 2009-03-09: Wiki4Games — wiki about video games
  • 2009-03-04: k2g2 Craftopedia — craftopedia for knitting knerds and geek girls; everything from handicraft to crafting machines
  • 2009-02-24: Fable Fanon — fan-fiction wiki babled on the Fable series of games
  • 2009-02-09: Domain Wiki — editable wiki for domain names; alas, offline as of 2009-07-07
  • 2009-02-03: The Chemistry Book — wiki for high school chemistry students
  • 2009-01-26: MapleTip MapleWiki — about MapleStory, a MMORPG;[clarify please] one of the most reliable wikis for MapleStory, also the most articles
  • 2009-01-20: The Fable Wiki — Wikia about the Fable series of video games
  • 2009-01-20: New Amsterdam Wiki — about the 2008 Fox Television show New Amsterdam
  • 2009-01-16: The Houston Wiki — about Houston, Texas
  • 2009-01-02: Wikademia — for free and open research and learning


  • 2008-12-25: MapleWiki — a wiki all about MapleStory, a current popular online game
  • 2008-12-22: Artigpedia — the Illogicopedia is becoming bigger, the non-Wikia Norwegian version
  • 2008-12-21: Spelljammer Wiki — a wiki of 'canon' from the Spelljammer fantasy universe
  • 2008-12-20: Northants Pub Guide — a wiki started by the Northamptonshire branch of the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) to document real ale pubs in the county . . . hic, hic
  • 2008-12-14: Healthywiki — all about 'how to stay healthy in a sick world', information and discussion on an alternative approach to health care
  • 2008-12-10: Applied Stacks — structured wiki documenting the diverse set of languages, libraries, frameworks, and other tools people use to build websites and apps
  • 2008-12-10: E-maculation — wiki focusing on emulation of older Macintosh computers
  • 2008-12-05: Star Wars Fan Wiki — for Star Wars fans and fan-works
  • 2008-12-04: Ami6Wiki — the DokuWiki about the Citroen Ami6 voiture (car)
  • 2008-11-18: Marriage Equality wiki — compendium of online resources for marriage equality
  • 2008-11-16: AmwayWiki — about the Amway company, business opportunity, products and people
  • 2008-11-13: Musikwiki — wiki about free music
  • 2008-11-10: Elder Scrolls (Wikia)Elder Scrolls Wikia
  • 2008-11-08: Tesfanon — an Elder Scrolls fan-fiction and modding Wikia
  • 2008-11-06: UnRuneScape Wiki — a satire, parody, and humour wiki about the popular MMORPG, RuneScape
  • 2008-11-05: Timber Investments Wiki — a wiki about forestry investments, with a focus on hardwood investments
  • 2008-11-05: Hardhoutbeleggingen Wiki — Dutch-language wiki about teak, and other hardwood investments
  • 2008-11-04: TMNTPedia — a wiki about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  • 2008-11-04: Wikiants — is a free content encyclopedia for DIY projects
  • 2008-11-03: Animation Wiki — all about animation
  • 2008-10-31: FinnegansWiki — for interpretation of James Joyce's Finnegans Wake
  • 2008-10-31: — a German-speaking wiki about start-ups
  • 2008-10-18: My Eco Guide — a wiki with tips for eco living
  • 2008-10-14: Pegasus/Dragon Project — a place where fantasy enthusiasts can develop their own mythologies and fantasy worlds
  • 2008-10-10: DWiki — a wiki for D students
  • 2008-10-09: Life on Mars Wiki — dedicated to the British television show Life on Mars
  • 2008-10-09: SSM2007 Wiki — a community wiki for Space Shuttle Mission 2007 simulator
  • 2008-10-07: Statfastic — wiki for statistics, research design, and data analysis
  • 2008-10-07: Captainbranding — marketing branding, and strategy methods
  • 2008-10-07: Mediawikibook — documentation for MediaWiki administration
  • 2008-10-07: Sourcegirl — open source and cloud computing applications
  • 2008-10-07: Openflight — wiki for crowd-sourcing the flying car
  • 2008-10-07: Model Muse Barbies Wiki — dedicated to Mattel's ModelMuse doll body sculpt
  • 2008-10-04: Fahrrad-Wiki — German-language wiki about cycling
  • 2008-10-03: Help For Shepherds — a wiki designed to help Christian pastors with free community created resources
  • 2008-10-02: Pegasus Project — a place where fantasy enthusiasts can develop their own mythologies and fantasy worlds
  • 2008-10-01: — an open free information provider of companies, people, or web sites
  • 2008-09-26: SuccuWikithe wiki of the Succubi, and its related forms
  • 2008-09-26: ThunderWiki — science fiction in it's written form; alas, offline as of 2008-11-24
  • 2008-09-20: Rocket Science Wiki — all about rocket science
  • 2008-09-18: Fringe Wiki — a Wikia for the J.J. Abrams' tv series Fringe
  • 2008-09-10: Style Encyclopedia — the wiki for all things fashion, style, and beauty related
  • 2008-09-06: USHikingtrails — a wiki of hiking trail maps, descriptions and trail reviews throughout the US
  • 2008-09-02: BlogaPro — the wiki that features sites that teach individuals 'how to make money blogging'
  • 2008-09-01: WikiSarathe wiki about French roads
  • 2008-09-01: Nintendo DS Wiki — all about the Nintendo DS
  • 2008-08-25: cam.* FAQ — the FAQ for the cam.* hierarchy of Usenet newsgroups from Cambridge, England
  • 2008-08-16: Irwin Allen Wiki — all about Irwin Allen's productions, including TV shows Lost in Space, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, Land of the Giants and The Time Tunnel
  • 2008-08-14: Starting Strength Wiki — beginner strength training wiki, based on Starting Strength by Mark Rippetoe
  • 2008-08-06: GM Wiki — a (gaming) Gangster Mind Wikia
  • 2008-08-03: FreeCLAS — Free Commons of Annotated Speech
  • 2008-08-01: Teflpedia — wiki about English language teaching in foreign countries
  • 2008-07-31: Weedee — hybrid wiki about people and companies that provides directory and networking tools
  • 2008-07-30: Twilight Saga Wiki — about the popular Twilight Saga books and the Twilight movie
  • 2008-07-27: Read and Review Wiki — a literary community to share book reviews in any genres
  • 2008-07-26: Amateur Radio Wiki — the online encyclopedia for Hams
  • 2008-07-25: EveryBlog — the very first wiki that collects your blogs; join now and start editing without registration
  • 2008-07-21: Adobe Wiki — for all Adobe software, including tips, profiles and tutorials
  • 2008-07-21: X-Files — all about the X-Files
  • 2008-07-17: Pokia — a poker wiki encyclopedia, dictionary, tutorial and more
  • 2008-07-17: Sega Wiki — all about Sega, their games, their characters and their consoles
  • 2008-07-14: Mail Quizzer (now known as Guru Quiz) — wiki-based resource for quizzes in all areas
  • 2008-07-14: IEEE Bushy Tree — a collaborative encyclopedia about the Human Computer Interface
  • 2008-07-14: DollWiki (ABC Doll Club) — all fashion and collectible dolls (and some other toys) such as Barbie dolls and Dollfies
  • 2008-07-13: Geohashing Community Wiki — an adventure generator for real life
  • 2008-07-10: GolfWiki — golf and travel; bilingual English/Swedish
  • 2008-07-09: Gartentipp-Wiki — German wiki of Kleingarten-Infonetz for sharing gardening tips
  • 2008-07-06: FRApedia — Swedish wiki for citizens who have no desire of being eavesdropped by the Swedish National Defence Radio Establishment (FRA)
  • 2008-06-25: — online resource on gender equality, created by the OECD
  • 2008-06-23: xooguru — shopping wiki for articles and information on products and merchants
  • 2008-06-12: World Wodka Web — German wiki about Wodka
  • 2008-06-06: WikiAudio — learn about audio creation
  • 2008-06-06: WikiCandidate — create a virtual presidential candidate
  • 2008-06-04: FruWiki — about frugality, it's a place for sharing tips on saving money and using resources wisely
  • 2008-05-25: ScriptsPedia — wiki guide which includes code examples in various languages
  • 2008-05-24: Yatina — wiki guide of open content projects which works like a 'meta-encyclopedia'
  • 2008-05-21: Club Penguin Wiki — aims to create a large database for all there is to know about the popular online game, Club Penguin
  • 2008-05-14: Navision — wiki used by the Dynamics NAV (Navision) community to share their Navision knowledge
  • 2008-05-04: IdeaWiki — for everyone around the world to contribute and improve ideas in any area
  • 2008-05-01: Hellboy — all about Hellboy wiki
  • 2008-05-01: FFXIclopediaFinal Fantasy XI wiki
  • 2008-04-29: Sustain A Place — a user-generated, comprehensive and global directory for both businesses and non-profits that promote sustainable practices
  • 2008-04-29: The Computer Resource — a wiki about computers
  • 2008-04-29: Batman Wiki — about Batman
  • 2008-04-29: Robotech Wiki — about Robotech, a science fiction franchise
  • 2008-04-28: CultureSheet — plant cultivation
  • 2008-04-27: Marvel Movies — a Wikia about movies based on Marvel comics, including Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk
  • 2008-04-27: Speed Racer Wiki — about Speed Racer
  • 2008-04-27: Recipes Wiki — about food with free recipes
  • 2008-04-27: Mystery Science Theater 3000 — a wiki for the MST3K comedy series
  • 2008-04-23: Skywiki — the corporate-wide private knowledge portal of, the Frankfurt airport operator Fraport AG (Germany)
  • 2008-04-21: Telescope F70076 — get yourself a telescope
  • 2008-04-16: Video Game Sales Wikia — a wiki for the video game sales industry
  • 2008-04-15: Web Community Wiki — the future of wiki, a project of the Web 3.0 with the newest features and many things to explore
  • 2008-04-15: WiSiKi — a wiki around the Klausenerplatz in Berlin
  • 2008-04-12: — German language wiki about beekeeping and honey bees in general
  • 2008-04-10: 9Dragons Wiki — dedicated to documenting all aspects of the MMORPG 9Dragons
  • 2008-04-09: CopyCamp Wiki — wiki for CopyCamp, a copyright event for fans and artists
  • 2008-04-03: EmuWiki — a project aimed at producing an encyclopedia about emulators
  • 2008-04-02: Forget the Franchise — project to create a localised directory of independent, quirky and unique shops, restaurants, experiences etc; which franchise clones and charmless chains are destroying
  • 2008-04-02: ChinaTravelGuide — wiki web site featuring unbiased China travel reviews, opinions, and wiki guides from real travellers
  • 2008-04-02: Strawberryland Wiki — for Strawberry Shortcake fans
  • 2008-03-31: Tram Wiki — created by two tram enthusiasts for many others to enjoy, gain information from and contribute to; aims to create a large tram data repository
  • 2008-03-28: BPMA Wiki — British Postal Museum & Archive wiki to encourage people to share their postal and family history stories and experiences of working for the Post Office
  • 2008-03-28: Jamaikedia — a community based wiki to improve the knowledge of the area and understanding to its citizens and the rest of the world
  • 2008-03-26: Wikiecho — free high quality resources on echocardiography
  • 2008-03-25: Sustainaplace — collections of sustainable choices in cities around the world
  • 2008-03-25: ConShell — a technical wiki concerning virtualization, Linux, FreeBSD, system & network administration & security, open-source server and desktop applications
  • 2008-03-17: Retailwiki — information and pictures on characters in leisure industry
  • 2008-03-16: Kleinmachnow-Stahnsdorf-Teltow-Wiki — a grammar school project of a congested area near by the German capital Berlin
  • 2008-03-13: Lost Odyssey — a wiki about the RPG Lost Odyssey
  • 2008-03-13: Gienga Do-It-Yourself Learning — a community where people can find out how to learn just about anything and contribute their own experience to others
  • 2008-03-11: Archivopedia — a wiki about archives and finding primary source research material
  • 2008-03-08: Hurraki (de) — a German-language Easy to Read Dictionary for words and articles
  • 2008-03-07: Mono Wiki — a wiki for the Mono .NET project
  • 2008-03-07: FMSLogo Wiki — a wiki for people to discuss, ask and share about LOGO
  • 2008-03-06: WakiWiki — a wiki for international students looking to study in the United Kingdom
  • 2008-03-02: Idiki — a wiki of ideas organised in categories
  • 2008-02-29: Bucketheadland — a wiki about experimental guitarist Buckethead and his friends
  • 2008-02-20: DaSch-Tour — projects, literature, poetry and journalism
  • 2008-02-16: HostPedia — a wiki on web hosting, including articles on web servers and networks
  • 2008-02-15: — a wiki created just for the Simpson's universe
  • 2008-02-13: Hostel Management Wiki — community-written documentation and resources for hostel managers (a.k.a. 'youth hostels')
  • 2008-02-13: Community Traveler Travel Guides — community-written travel guides licensed under the GFDL
  • 2008-02-06: RARIN Wiki — Rights and Reproductions Information Network for museum professionals
  • 2008-02-05: Ferato — Spanish health and medicine wiki
  • 2008-02-02: mondiparol — a wiki intending to categorize all words and lay a page for each of them
  • 2008-02-01: Recipewiki — it is your free place to share your favourite recipes
  • 2008-01-30: CodeAlias — articles on computer networks, coding and general IT
  • 2008-01-24: Wham! wiki — a wiki for marketers containing tips, guidelines, rules and instructions
  • 2008-01-27: Democratic Science Wiki — experimenting with democratic science
  • 2008-01-21: PeMex — discussion about Mexican politics
  • 2008-01-19: Rugby Union — a Wikia of one of the World's largest sport
  • 2008-01-18: Rhondda Cynon Taf Wiki — wiki for Rhondda Cynon Taf in Wales
  • 2008-01-15: SiteHoppin — a social networking/bookmarking site based on MediaWiki that let's you find new site with 1 click
  • 2008-01-10: Grand Theft Auto Wikia (English) — regarding the Grand Theft Auto series
  • 2008-01-10: ITtoolbox Wiki — a wiki to share information technology (IT) definitions, how-tos, answers to FAQs, code, etc
  • 2008-01-10: Tamriel-Almanach — a German wiki about The Elder Scrolls and all his background information
  • 2008-01-09: Technische Analyse — German language wiki for Technical Analysis of Financial Markets
  • 2008-01-07: Arrested Development Wiki — about Arrested Development television series
  • 2008-01-07: Joepedia — a wiki for G.I. Joe toys, cartoons and comics of all eras
  • 2008-01-06: Eigapedia — a Japanese movie wiki
  • 2008-01-06: ProjectWiki — a wiki for project managers
  • 2008-01-04: MusicDocz — a wiki for musicians and music lovers
  • 2008-01-04: Kotava Kotapedia — Kotava language lexical and linguistic encyclopaedia
  • 2008-01-01: Formula 1 Wikia — a Wikia for all fans of Formula 1


  • 2007-12-29: Bose L1 Encyclopedia FAQ — wiki for musicians and others using the Bose® L1™ Personal Line Array
  • 2007-12-28: Critical Mass Wikia — information about Critical Mass bike / cycle rides in cities around the world
  • 2007-12-24: Gardora — das Gartenwiki für Österreich
  • 2007-12-17: Gislewiki — wiki about Gisle Martens Meyer
  • 2007-12-16: ShoppiWiki — the wiki-way of shopping
  • 2007-12-13: PinWiki — for pinball games
  • 2007-12-09: SM-201 — BDSM wiki that is a combination of various projects
  • 2007-12-09: Wiki Herbolaria — todo lo que hay que saber acerca de las plantas y hierbas medicinales utilizadas en la terapéutica actual y antigua
  • 2007-12-06: Bucureşti Wiki — all about Bucharest, the capital of Romania
  • 2007-12-03: James Bond Wiki (Wetpaint) — all about the fictional British secret agent James Bond, also known as 007
  • 2007-12-02: TransWiki — lists of public transportation companies around the world; includes information on buses, trains, and routes
  • 2007-11-23: FedITWiki — designed to communicate the information technology (IT) related research and development activities One Enterprise Consulting Group (1ECG) is engaged in that support the Federal Government IT initiatives
  • 2007-11-22: VdfWiki — for the DataFlex and Visual DataFlex software development community
  • 2007-11-19: WikiAOC — about the game Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures! (also a French version)
  • 2007-11-18: EntreWiki — paid wiki site for entrepreneurs who are looking for money-making business ideas
  • 2007-11-16: Liberapedia (Wikia) — parody of Conservapedia, advising that: "most articles should take stereotypical liberal views and distort them to the extreme"
  • 2007-11-14: StartUps 24/7 — on demand entrepreneurial resources from the Council for Entrepreneurial Development
  • 2007-11-14: ASP3 Wiki — entire contents of Beginning Active Server Pages 3.0 book from Wrox Press
  • 2007-11-14: Christmas Specials Wiki — a very merry wiki full of yuletide cheer
  • 2007-11-13: Language Links 2006 — wiki for teachers of modern foreign languages
  • 2007-11-11: Oracle Wiki — all about Oracle products and the Oracle community
  • 2007-11-11: IDS Developer Edition Wiki — about IBM's high-performance cluster database, Informix Dynamic Server
  • 2007-11-08: Enciclopedia DG — wiki encyclopedia in Spanish, Carmeni, and English
  • 2007-11-07: WikiBriefs — wiki for writing amicus curiae briefs
  • 2007-11-04: Wikinvestopedia — financial wiki glossary with investment definitions, chart descriptions, and trading resources
  • 2007-10-31: Gay Celebrities Wiki — celebrities who are gay and who are not
  • 2007-10-29: OneBuckWiki — for entrepreneurs and SEO specialists
  • 2007-10-13: ArticleWiki — wiki about all things article
  • 2007-10-11: Pixar Wiki — for the animated movies of Pixar; including Toy Story and Finding Nemo
  • 2007-10-11: Reaper Wiki — for the CW series Reaper, about a young man hunting down souls for the Devil
  • 2007-10-11: Dexter Wiki — for the Showtime series Dexter about a serial killer who works for the police
  • 2007-10-11: Ugly Betty Wiki — for the hit ABC series Ugly Betty
  • 2007-10-11: Wizards of Waverly Place Wiki — for the new Disney Channel series about wizards-in-training
  • 2007-10-09: WikiBond — the Dutch web-archive about the most famous fictional British secret agent, James Bond, 007
  • 2007-10-06: Skaneateles Wiki — an encyclopedia of all things relating to Skaneateles, New York
  • 2007-09-28: ActProper — a manners and etiquette wiki with the goal of making the world nicer
  • 2007-09-27: Bionic Wiki — documenting the world of NBC's new show Bionic Woman
  • 2007-09-25: Folkipedia — wiki for folk and traditional song, music, and dance
  • 2007-09-25: Tradexicon — wiki with everything relating to trading, finance, business, and companies
  • 2007-09-14: Wiki — guide on all Italian cities, information and photos
  • 2007-09-12: Robot Chicken Wiki — for Robot Chicken television show
  • 2007-09-04: JargonF — French IT dictionary
  • 2007-09-01: Wikimagination — collaborative fantasy world-building
  • 2007-08-29: WikiDexPokémon encyclopedia
  • 2007-08-27: Peoplandard — a project-wiki to regulate democratic, international standards
  • 2007-08-26: RationalWiki — pro-science, anti-creationism website
  • 2007-08-18: Radswiki — radiology wiki that anyone can edit
  • 2007-08-16: Terrorchid — wiki on Terrestrial Orchid culture, companion wiki for the terrorchid forum and gallery
  • 2007-08-16: — for tango argentino (Argentine tango), run by (t.i)
  • 2007-08-14: Flash Gordon Wiki — about the Flash Gordon comic strip, serials, movie, and TV show
  • 2007-08-12: AberWiki — for the seafront town of Aberystwyth in west Wales
  • 2007-08-12: WikiWeddings — free wedding planning site that everyone can edit
  • 2007-08-11: Humane Earth — define, plan, and act: to make a more sustainable, inclusive, safe, and cruelty-free world
  • 2007-08-09: Wikipornia — for collecting information on pornography actors, films, and studios
  • 2007-08-09: RoWikicity — a free, fictional country that everyone can edit
  • 2007-08-04: Trustlet — a transparent, cooperative environment for the scientific research of trust metrics on social networks
  • 2007-08-04: TrentoWiki — for the city of Trento in Italy
  • 2007-08-01: Wikifixmycar — collaborative car repair manual for every car
  • 2007-08-01: Wikihorses — encyclopedia of horses and horse-related topics
  • 2007-08-01: Symbolism Wiki — guide to literary symbolism
  • 2007-08-01: CDWiki — large German-language wiki about audio-CDs
  • 2007-08-01: Kivapedia — wiki supporting, online micro-lending to small businesses in developing countries
  • 2007-08-01: Greenlivingpedia — green living and sustainable building wiki
  • 2007-07-29: Pensapedia — city wiki for Pensacola seaport, Florida, USA
  • 2007-07-28: Tribalwiki — the tribalradix wiki ~ workings of the world - untie!
  • 2007-07-27: Ron Paul wiki — for Ron Paul (Republican), the 2008 USA Presidential candidate
  • 2007-07-27: HD AV wiki — high-definition (HD) audio-video (AV) custom installation; discusses AV products, methods, and custom installation
  • 2007-07-27: SnoWiki — snow lifestyles: snowboarding and skiing extreme sport
  • 2007-07-27: wiki Pollution — tackling pollution worldwide through anonymous geographic collaboration
  • 2007-07-27: wiki Global Warming — analyzing the causes, situations and implications of societies views on global warming
  • 2007-07-26: WiKitsune — online encyclopedia of foxes
  • 2007-07-25: International Music Score Library Project — public domain musical scores
  • 2007-07-14: Ugugu — German- and English-language private wiki on outstanding musicians and actors
  • 2007-07-14: Mikiwiki — German-language private wiki on Linux-based computers
  • 2007-07-10: PetCities — user edited database on cities and their pet friendly places
  • 2007-07-06: Beekeeping Wiki — English, Romanian and Spanish project sites about beekeeping
  • 2007-07-03: NativeWiki — an online collaborative wiki project of NativeWeb
  • 2007-07-02: — cross-country mountain bike (MTB) routes in Italy
  • 2007-07-02: Dead Rabbit — wiki encompassing the entire universe of Dead Rabbit characters, as well as a look behind the music
  • 2007-07-01: Copula Wiki — information exchange platform for researchers in the field of copula theory
  • 2007-06-29: Windows Wiki — German-language site about Microsoft Windows (especially the Alpha- and Beta-versions)
  • 2007-06-27: WindelWiki — German-language site (about diaper lovers?)
  • 2007-06-27: CIO - Portal — information exchange platform for Austrian Chief Information Officers (CIO)
  • 2007-06-24: AoCWiki — wiki about the game Age of Conan and Conan lore
  • 2007-06-22: TeleWiki — business telecommunications related information, installation, programming, and documentation
  • 2007-06-22: Illogicopedia — an insane repository of words put together in no particular order
  • 2007-06-20: Sudopedia — wiki for Sudoku players
  • 2007-06-17: NikkiWiki — the premier online adult model encyclopedia
  • 2007-06-12: YouWiki — Australian project site where users can share their interests with the world
  • 2007-06-10: wiki.Единоборства.info — Russian project dedicated to martial arts
  • 2007-06-09: The Music Snob — musicians sharing info on local music scenes
  • 2007-05-30: Jesus-Wiki — Christian encyclopedia
  • 2007-05-28: Lunarpedia — about the Earth's moon, Luna; exploration and settlement
  • 2007-01-25: Jedi Academy Wiki — compilation of general and technical information about the game Jedi Academy
  • 2007-01-25: PlantPhotos — project to create a plant identification wiki, with a color photo of each plant listed
  • 2007-01-22: SaneScreen — free video directory, indexing content on YouTube and DailyMotion
  • 2007-01-20: Wikimocracy — vote and debate
  • 2007-01-09: Zyprexa — for the past few years, there has been some controversy about the drug Zyprexa
  • 2007-01-08: selearninggames — non-profit social entrepreneur learning game
  • 2007-01-06: Wikevent — free content public events calendar
  • 2007-01-06: Oklahoma Wiki — covering all things Oklahoma, USA
  • 2007-01-06: Coach Universe Wiki — all about coaching