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WikiIndex currently doesn't categorize wikis by size. This project aims to add such categorization. The page is where we'll develop the internal categorization scheme as well as where we'll share what we know about how to get size information from wikis running on various engines. Please jump in and help!

Categorization scheme

  1. Category:Size
    1. Category:More than 10,000 valid articles
    2. Category:More than 1,000 valid articles
    3. Category:More than 100 valid articles
    4. Category:More than 10 valid articles
    5. Category:Less than 10 valid articles
    6. Category:No realtime statistics

Augmentation of the Template:Wiki Boilerplate

Two new variables have to be made automatically linking into the respecive categories.

How to get size information

Most wiki engines provide statistics somewhere including a page count. Here's how to find them for various wiki engines (although it can also depend on version)

  1. Category:MediaWiki: Replace Special:Recentchanges with Special:Statistics
We can also add MediaWiki listings to the system which tracks various wiki stats
  1. Category:MoinMoin: Replace RecentChanges with SystemInfo or System_Info
  2. Category:UseModWiki: Replace ?RecentChanges with ?action=index
  3. Category:PhpWiki:
  4. Category:ProWiki: Replace ?RecentChanges with ?action=spx
  5. Category:PmWiki: Search for / and scroll to the bottom
  6. Category:Twiki: Replace /WebChanges with /WebIndex
  7. Category:Oddmuse: In RecentChanges click on 1 day and replace ?action=rc;days=1;all=0;showedit=0 with ?action=index