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WikiJob is a UK based graduate careers advice site offering impartial information relating to interview questions and assessment days at major city firms. WikiJob is designed for and used by those involved in (or applying for) careers at city firms, from students to graduates to qualified solicitor's, accountants and other similar professionals. Its readership expands beyond this, however, and includes journalists, recruiters and others from outside of the city spectrum.

The site is unique in that it provides an insight into the workings of city based employers in the United Kingdom as well as comprehensive information about interviews and assessment days for these firms. Almost every page of the site is open for users to edit, allowing job seekers to contribute real life information to company profiles. This makes the site very different from other recruitment websites that provide much more corporate information.

History and content

The site was established in 2007 by Edward Mellett and Chris Muktar, both graduates of the University of Manchester. After graduating the pair went on to work in city jobs (recruitment and accountancy) before "retiring" a year later to set up WikiJob.

Discussion board

The messageboard is a key feature of the site, allowing students and graduates to exchange information about interviews they are currently applying for or preparing for. This part of the site was actually launched before the core wiki sections, and was originally called NotGotAJobYet. The messageboard is in fact still accessable via the original web address

This board has grown in popularity rapidly since implementation and continues to receive many daily posts from various new as well as long term users. Posts debate interview technique and necessary preparation, detail assessment days for city firms and discuss the benefits of specific companies compared to others. Users value the messageboards because the information they receive comes from their peers, rather than from companies or recruiters where it can often be limited and highly corporate.

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