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WikiProject:Logos — categorizing wiki logos can help to avoid duplicate article and / or category entries. If you upload any logo, please annotate the edit box with one (or more) of the following logo templates:

Logo templates[edit]

for non-specific generic wiki logo
{{WikiLogoOf|name of the wiki article entry here on WikiIndex}}
for logos of all Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) wiki and projects
{{WMF logo of|name of Wikimedia Foundation article entry on WikiIndex}}
or for WMF categories
{{WMF logo of|:category:name of WMF category entry on WikiIndex}}
for logos of all Wikia (aka 'Fandom') wiki
{{Wikia logo of|name of Wikimedia Foundation article entry on WikiIndex}}
for logos of all licences
{{License logo of|:category:name of licence category entry on WikiIndex}}

We may further improve granularity with the introduction of futher additional templates, such as for other specific wiki farms. Should anyone have their own ideas, please do post them on the talk page of this article.


How do I get the URL of the logo of a wiki that uses the MediaWiki software? Every MediaWiki installation seems to give that logo a different name, and put it in a different directory or URL structure. My normal 'view source' trick that works with other wiki engines doesn't work, because the logo is not mentioned directly on any normal page. (I'm guessing the logo URL is mentioned in some transcluded CSS page?).

Irrespective of what web / internet browser you use, in order to correctly identify the logo, it is highly preferable to find a relatively 'plain' page on the wiki with no images other than its logo. On MediaWiki sites, its 'Special:Statistics' is usually a great example, and a stats page on other wiki engines have also been deemed helpful for logo hunting!

Firefox browser: if you are using a desktop version of Firefox 3 or better, the easy way to get that URL is: find that plain stats page, or similar. Then select 'Tools → Page Info → Media', and go through the list of image URLs there until you find the logo URL. Once you find it, right-click on the URL, select 'copy' (or Ctrl C). Then edit the WikiIndex article on that wiki, and paste (or Ctrl V) that URL into the logo = field of the Wiki infobox template.

or: if you have Adblock Plus (ABP), right click on the logo image and select 'Adblock Image', it will give you the URL of the image. (It will not block images unless you have previously selected 'Add Filter').

Opera browser: if You are using a desktop version of Opera browser, right click on the logo and chose the last option called 'Inspect Element' ('Element untersuchen' in German), and this will usually highlight the required URL in one of the three smaller panes which will have just opened on your page. Ensure you copy the correct URL, and paste it into the logo = field of the infobox template.

Other wiki engines[edit]

The principle for obtaining the URL for logos should be obtainable using the same fundamental methods detailed above for MediaWiki. For any individual wiki engine where we have already found a specific method or URL location or structure, we will (or should) have documented it on the talk page for that wiki engine. Should you find any specific missing detail yourself, please do record it on an appropriate talk page. Thanks. ☺