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(As of: 2007-02-10 – links)

WikiSym, or the Wiki Symposium, or the International Symposium on Wikis, is a symposium ( conference) dedicated to wiki research and practice.

WikiSym - August 21-23th, 2006

The Second International Wiki Symposium, WikiSym 2006 is a conference focused entirely on wikis research and practice. In 2005,[1] it was held in San Diego, USA, and in 2006 it was in Odense, Denmark! It was a great place to discuss ideas that really push the wiki envelope and because there was be a significant open-space component, everyone there had a chance to discuss topics that are important to them. (more...)

WikiSym has been succeeded by OpenSym – The International Symposium on Open Collaboration.[2] Its original wiki is now dead, with many of its former pages archived by the Internet Archive WaybackMachine at

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