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For guidance on how to correctly enter data in the boxes below, please hover your mouse pointer over the question mark (?) blue circle icon to the right of each box. Where examples or instructions are given, please enter advised text in the relevant box without using any of the 'quotation marks' shown. It is important to try following the correct format, as parts of this wiki uses structured data, which is useful for generating reports on specific attributes.

wiki farm name:
Displayed name of the wiki farm in the rendered infobox. This entry is optional. If left blank, the infobox will assume the same name as this article page name. This field is useful if the wiki farm official name is different - maybe longer, than a shorter concise article page name, or if the wiki farm begins with the word 'The', or includes a lower-case leading letter. You may also add its official tagline (in any) in smaller text and italics after a forced line break.
wiki farm URL:
URL for the wiki farm — eg: https://WikiFarmURL.org, if unknown, type 'UnknownWikiURL'. This entry is mandatory.
logo wikilink or URL:
URL to hotlink the logo of the wiki farm, or registered users can upload an image file here on WikiIndex and wikilink to the logo like this [[File:Wiki farm logo.png|225px|alt=Description of logo image]]. If the wiki farm has no logo, please enter [[File:NoLogo.png]].
wide logo override:
If the logo of the wiki farm is particularly wide, and/or the name of the wiki farm is particularly long; type 'y' (lower-case only) in this box to alter the default rendered display of the infobox; otherwise, leave BLANK.
recentchanges URL:
URL to recent changes of the wiki farm — eg: https://WikiFarmURL.com/wiki/Special:RecentChanges. If none available, please enter 'No'.
WikiNode URL:
URL to the WikiNode of the wiki farm — eg: https://WikiFarmURL.com/WikiNode. If the wiki farm does not have a completed WikiNode page, please type 'No'.
about URL:
URL to the 'About' page of the wiki farm — eg: https://WikiFarmURL.com/About. If the wiki farm does not have an About page, please type 'No'.
documentation URL:
URL to the user manual or 'documentation' page of the wiki farm — eg: https://WikiFarmURL.com/Documentation. If it does not have any such page, please type 'No'.
main topic:
Mandatory. This field should be left as is . . .  :)
Type the name of the original founder of the wiki farm here; if none, use 'unknown'. If they have their own article here on WikiIndex, under their real name or pseudonym, please wikilink, otherwise leave as plain text.
owner / CEO:
Type the name of the current Owner (individual or company) or Chief Executive Officer of the wiki farm; if none, use 'unknown'. If they have their own article here on WikiIndex, under their real name or pseudonym, please wikilink, otherwise leave as plain text.
engine (wiki software):
Please enter the software used to run (or 'power') the wiki farm. This field allows auto-completion . . . just start typing, and your wiki engine should appear ... :-)
farm topic:
The main subject area of wiki farm; such as Games, Law, Health, Non-profit, Community, etc.
Mandatory. 'Active' is appropriate for established wiki farms which are still actively hosting and supporting wiki sites. 'Dormant' is appropriate for those wiki farms which are still available for hosting, but have received no active development, or have been abandoned by their owners or staff. 'Dead' is for former wiki farms which are no longer available for hosting.
Note: The fields above which are highlighted in red are mandatory requirements. All other fields above are optional, though desired requirements. Please feel free to leave blank any which you are unsure of.
Here you may describe the wiki farm in detail, ideally in English, along with its original native language if appropriate.

Describe its origins and development, person who created it (founder), company who own it, and if evolved (forked) from another existing engine. Try to add detail of its packages, the wiki engine used, any customisation of wiki engine, and wiki license (inc. version in this prose) in full detail.

State if it offers free- or paid-for hosting, if it contains advertising, and if said advertising (or the deletion of) is dependent on fee level or log-in. Also include any restrictions, valid complaints or server downtimes, or any other valid and notable issues.

External links are welcome, providing they are directly relevant to the wiki farm.

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