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Wiki Gnome Headquarters

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Wiki Gnome Headquarters was formerly hosted on Wiki Spot and used their own Sycamore wiki engine. It was the central place for wiki gnomes from all over the net. Wiki Gnomes are users who focus on taking care of wikis by handling the little things, making sure that entries are technically correct, and helping out new and confused users as best they can.

The Wiki Gnome HQ wiki is a headquarters for wiki gnomes and interwiki gnomes. It was intended to be a central resource for gnome resources for all wikis, and gnomes who wish to help with wiki communities in need all over the net. To get started, you might want to read the Introduction to Gnoming.

This Wiki Gnome Headquarters wiki vanished 1 April 2015, as a result of Sycamore being discontinued along with Wiki Spot, and evolving into a new business model called LocalWiki.