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For guidance on how to correctly enter data in the boxes below, please hover your mouse pointer over the question mark (?) blue circle icon to the right of each box. Where examples or instructions are given, please enter advised text in the relevant box without using any of the 'quotation marks' shown. It is important to try following the correct format, as parts of this wiki uses structured data, which is useful for generating reports on specific attributes.

wiki site name:
Displayed name of the wiki site in the rendered infobox. This entry is optional. If left blank, the infobox will assume the same name as its article page name. This field is useful if the wiki site name is different - maybe longer, than a shorter concise article page name, or if the wiki site begins with the word 'The', or includes a lower-case leading letter. You may also add a tagline in smaller text and italics after a forced line break.
wiki URL:
URL for the wiki site — eg: https://YourWikiURL.org/wiki/Main_page, if unknown, type 'UnknownWikiURL'. This entry is mandatory.
logo wikilink or URL:
URL to hotlink the logo of the wiki site, or registered users can upload an image file here on WikiIndex and wikilink like this [[File:Wiki site logo.png|225px|alt=Description of logo image.]]. If the wiki site has no logo, please enter 'No', and this will then auto-include the wiki into Category:No wiki logo. If the wiki site has a logo, but you are not a registered user, and you are unable to determine the logo URL, enter 'Upload'; this will display a generic Please Upload Logo, and auto-include into Category:Wiki site requiring logo upload. Other pre-formatted word options are 'Unknown', 'Wikia', 'Private', and 'Dead'.
wide logo override:
If the logo of the wiki site is particularly wide, and/or the name of the wiki site is particularly long; type 'y' (lower-case only) in this box to alter the default rendered display of the infobox; otherwise, leave BLANK.
recent changes URL:
URL to recent changes link of the wiki site — eg: https://YourWikiURL.org/wiki/Special:RecentChanges?hidebots=0&limit=500&days=900. If none available, please enter 'No'.
WikiNode URL:
URL to the WikiNode of the wiki site — eg: https://YourWikiURL.org/WikiNode. If the wiki site does not have a completed WikiNode page, please type 'No'.
about URL:
URL to the 'About' page of the wiki site. On MediaWiki sites, this is a link at the bottom centre of the page (between Privacy policy and Disclaimers). If the wiki site does not have an official About page, please try to use an article page which best describes the wiki site, otherwise, please type 'No'.
mobile URL:
URL to the mobile-view option of the wiki site — eg: https://m.YourWikiURL.org, or https://YourWikiURL.org?useformat=mobile, or https://YourWikiURL.org/index.php?title=Main_Page&mobileaction=toggle_view_mobile. If the wiki site does not have a mobile-view option, please type 'No'.
Name of the original founder(s) of the wiki site; if none, use 'unknown'. If they have their own article here on WikiIndex, under their real name or pseudonym, please wikilink, otherwise leave as plain text.
Mandatory. 'Active' is appropriate for most established wiki sites. See Category:Wiki status for more information and a descriptive table to detail all status options available from the drop-down box options.
wiki language:
Mandatory. Only ONE entry here. This is for the main language which the wiki site is written in eg: English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese etc. If the wiki site is written in more than one language, type 'Multilingual', and list the actual languages in the Description box below. If the subject matter of the wiki site is about an actual language, that should not be entered here, it should be entered in the main topic box further down.
edit mode:
Mandatory. Select 'OpenEdit' from the drop-down box if users can edit the vast majority of pages on the wiki site without logging in (commonly known as IP editors). Select 'LoginToEdit' if not. See Category:Wiki Edit Mode for more information to detail all edit mode options available from the drop-down box options.
engine (wiki software):
Please enter the software used to run (or 'power') the wiki site. This field allows auto-completion . . . just start typing, and your wiki engine should appear ... :-)
wiki license:
This is for the license under which the written textual content of the wiki site is made available to the public (if at all). Please select from the drop-down box options. Do NOT include any version number of the license. If the wiki site has NO license, select 'No license'. If the wiki site has more than one license, select 'Multi-license'; see Category:Wiki license and its sub-categories for all available options for this entry, and detail them as prose in the below Description box.
main topic:
Mandatory. The main, primary topic of the wiki site. Other topics can be added within the prose in the below Description box.
backup URL:
If available, the URL of the database dump backup file of the wiki site. This can be either official automated dynamic database dump from its host such as Wikimedia Foundation (at https://Dumps.Wikimedia.org/backup-index.html), Wikia.com / Fandom.com (provided by Amazon S3), or Uncyclomedia Foundation (at https://Download.Uncyc.org). Alternatively, these can be database dumps WikiTeam members stored on Archive.org; see https://code.google.com/p/wikiteam/ at Archive Team for further information on this.
backup date:
The date of when the above backup file was created, in ISO 8601 date extended format, ie: YYYY-MM-DD (no timestamp). If the date is unknown, or the URL links to a dynamically updating output, leave this BLANK.
Number of legitimate article 'Content pages' on the wiki site (or Files on a commons wiki); NO 'thousands' separators. See How to get size information for details.
statistics URL:
External link to the wiki sites' statistics page, which includes a page count. For MediaWiki and related sites, this will be at Special:Statistics.
wikiFactor (wF) plain numerical value, see How to calculate the wikiFactor of a site for details. If wF unknown leave void; archived wF value may be used.
wikiFactor URL:
External link to the page containing the data output the wikiFactor (wF) was calculated from; often 'PopularPages', 'Mostvisitedpages', 'PageHits'; leave void if unknown; archived URL if available.
Note: The fields above which are highlighted in red are mandatory requirements.
Here you may describe in detail the wiki site, ideally in English, along with its original native language if appropriate.

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