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Welcome to the New the Conspiracy Wiki...
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The Roman Catholic Church masterminded & orchestrated the Dark Ages which was used by the church as a form of mass Mind Control
Wikispiracy is a wikipedia-like repository for conspiracies and for conspiracy theories that anyone can edit.

The Wikispiracy is a new project that already contains a number of articles.

Important Notice

  • Wikispiracy articles are NOT intended as BALANCED viewpoint. Indeed Wikispiracy articles may not even appear to be fair. Wikispiracy departs from the absurd need, that most organisations have, to toe the official line.
  • All articles in this website should be regarded as pure fiction and all characters appearing in such articles are necessarily fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.
  • Although the Wikispiracy is powered by mediawiki, the same Open Source software that powers Wikipedia, it is NOT part of the Wikipedia project.

Inspiration for this project

Our Beautiful Planet is being raped by Multinational Corporations who are in turn controlled by The Illuminati

In the past, conspiracy theory was the secure realm of that rare esoteric breed who, for what ever reason, is never satisfied with plane appearances. This is a type who will always look below the surface and ask the questions that most of us would not bother asking. However, in recent years this picture has radically changed...

There are just too many people asking those awkward kinds of questions. Very large numbers of people are beginning to realise that they have been lied to... big time... So what is causing this phenomena? Why have so many people started to wake up? Many pinpoint the unsatisfactory official explanations concerning 9th of September 2001. Others point to a kind of global 'waking up' which is supported by the Internet and other communications technologies. There is another group of people who say that these changes are a natural part of what can be expected as Age of Pisces ends and the new age of Aquarius begins.

What ever you believe, the Wikispiracy will help you to look at the world with carefully questioning eyes and critical ears. Wikispiracy urges you to continue thinking... The more you understand the more you will see... It's a promise... Ask questions and stay awake!