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XWiki is a WikiWiki clone written in Java which supports many popular features of other Wikis like:

   * Wiki syntax (uses Radeox engine)
   * Content management (view/edit/preview/save)
   * Version Control
   * Attachments
   * Rights Management
   * Full-text Search

It also has many advanced features that many other wiki engines lack:

   * Document Templates to ease creation of common documents.
   * Relational Database storage using Hibernate.
   * Design Engine for Meta-Data and Forms.
   * In-place (inline) editing of form information in pages.
   * Powerful programming API in documents (Velocity or Groovy)
   * Search API for more detailed searching in the Meta-Data.
   * Plugin System in Java.
   * Scalability and Performance using J2EE.
   * Complete Skin System (templates content as well as CSS).
   * RSS output and display of external RSS feeds
   * Multi-Lingual capabilities
   * XML/RPC Remote API
   * Portlet Integration
   * Integrated Statistics
   * PDF Export
   * WYSIWYG HTML Editing

Additional tags, categories, folksonomies

   * French