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Main topic: Wiki engine
Founded by: Wiki engine founder
(founder and CTO, etc)
Owner / CEO: Owner and/or CEO
(owner and/or CEO)
Interface language: English
Programming language: Java
Software license: BSD license
Status: Dormant
For the wiki engine compiled from PHP, located at, see:
28px-AWB_logo_draft.png This article or category is a wiki engine 'stub'. If you are familiar with wiki engines (wiki software), you can help by expanding this stub article, thanks.  :-)

yawiki: yet another wiki, at, is a unique robot / wiki engine. It is 100% Java. It contains both a client, and a server. It also operates as a wiki farm. The underlying wiki engine can be used separately. This yawiki system includes full text search, last recent updates, show references, access control list (ACL) management, and versioning. It is released under the BSD license.

Although still available to download from, yawiki is certainly dormant, it's final version was released sometime in 2008.

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