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The term sysop, also written as SysOp, originates from a shortened portmanteau of 'system operator'. On a wiki or other systems which deal with user accounts online; such as bulletin board systems or internet forums, and offline; as in corporate intranet, are also known as administrators (which is itself frequently shortened to admins for brevity). Sysops / administrators can perform administrative functions that regular user account holders are unable to do. Sysops can block difficult people (both registered users and / or IP editors) or unblock them, and can delete pages containing spam and / or vandalism. Sysops can also protect pages, unprotect them, and edit protected pages.

All wiki using the MediaWiki software are able to display a full list of current sysops of their wiki, found at /Special:ListUsers/sysop (unless the individual site owner specifically choose to withold that information). Other wiki engines either don't have easy ways to publish a list of sysops, or the wiki is beautifully simple and doesn't need such a role.

Contrary to bureaucrats, sysops aren't necessarily the 'leaders' of wikis; sysops are better compared to 'janitors', because their primary role is to clean up all the wiki crap; such as deleting spam and reverting vandalism.

List of WikiIndex sysops[edit]

Recently active sysops include:

To see the complete list of WikiIndex sysops, please go to Special:ListUsers/sysop

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