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There are some characters that can't be accessed by all keyboards. Some of them have shortcuts. This can be useful to know when editing foreign wikis using non roman alphabets.


character shortcut(s)
á, à, ä, â, ã, å á à ä â ã å
é, è, ë, ê é è ë ê
í, ì, ï, î í ì ï î
ñ ñ
ó, ò, ö, ô, õ, ø ó ò ö ô õ ø
ú, ù, ü, û &uacute ù ü û
ý, ÿ ý ÿ
æ œ æ œ

The latin characters can be changed to capital by changing the first letter. Thus, Ò would make Ò.


character shortcut(s) description
“ ” “ ” angled double quotation marks
‘ ’ ‘ ’ angled single apostrophes
" " double quotation marks
' ' single apostrophes
„ ‚ „ ‚ lower quotation marks/apostrophes


character shortcut
· ·

For a non-breaking space (usually used between numbers and their descriptors, or dates), use