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Proposed policy

The goal of WikiIndex is to index the entire wikisphere and in most cases that means creating an article for a wiki, providing links to it, and reproducing some of its copy to allow that community to explain itself and its goals. Sometimes, a wiki will have content that is dangerous for linking or which hosts illegal content. It may still be appropriate to document these wikis but without providing direct links or reproduction of content. Examples of wikis that should not be directly linked include:

  • Sites which advocate behaviors that are illegal. Legality changes from district to district. A site like Wikilivres hosts material which is copyrighted in some jurisdictions but not others. Exercise caution when providing links to wikis which advocate illegal activity. We want to provide a comprehensive view of the world of wikis but not provide a repository of sites for finding drug smuggling mules or child pornography.
  • Doxing sites. Doxing is the practice of revealing someone's private information (or documents) for the purpose of revenge, prankery, defaming, etc. In many cases this is illegal as well. Outing someone's private information is most effective when that information gets traffic, links, indexing by search engines, etc. Sites which attempt to provide stolen credit card numbers, forged passports, or out private citizens are inappropriate
  • Malware. Sites which host malicious software that can damage a user's computer simply by visiting the site or which host software that is designed to damage a computer or surveil a user through deception (e.g. pretending to offer downloads of a popular and safe web browser but really offering up spyware) should not be linked. Some wikis which have been sufficiently spammed may fall under this criterion.

It harms the credibility of our site and makes using it a potentially dangerous activity for users if we don't have minimal criteria for prohibited content. All of the examples given above are for actual wikis which exist solely or substantially to provide content that is dangerous and harmful.