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This Wiki Collections article is
referring to a site which seems
not to be, or include, a wiki.
However, it still refers to
the subject of wikis.

Wiki Collections is a portal page hosted by the Internet Archive at, listing all wiki sites which it has backed up on its section of the Internet Archive, by way of digital preservation. Its main page lists the 'major' wikis which are archived, including the Wikimedia Foundation (WMF), and the dedicated sub-portal for the WikiTeam.

You can browse a complete top level list of all wikis it has backed up, and this link shows how many pages it has archived of each wiki. Be aware, accessing this page may severely slow your computer to a crawl, as it lists and displays every page title of nearly two million wiki!

Wiki Collections was created on 15 April 2013 by Jeff Kaplan.[1] As of March 2019, it had received 667 million views using the current system,[2] and 665 million views using the former now discontinued view system.[1]

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