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For a list of wiki sites (notably dead) which have had their content saved by an archiving service, see: category: Archived.

Category:Archives — this category here on WikiIndex contains wiki sites and / or other articles who's subject matter deals with archives and archiving. Traditionally, archives would consist of vellum scrolls, acts of parliament, patent applications, planning applications – basically, any physical document of importance created by a public body or legislative organisation. The said archives would typically be stored at your county library or national public records office; private organisations will typically use specialist private archiving contractors. Works of art and literature can be stored in archives, as can scientific research papers, medical journals, hospital records, newspapers and periodicals, and anything from the publishing world may all be found in vast arrays of archives. However, in todays' digital world, massive amounts of data can be archived at multiple locations, and take up a minuscule amount of physical space compared to their former 'hard copy' equivalents; and this is colloquially known as web archiving.


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