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This is a list of wikis by backup status; specifically, those wiki sites listed in category: All that have had their entire content database preserved in a downloadable backup file, or 'dump'. The sortable table below includes wiki sites, powered by any type of wiki engine, specifically listed in category: Wiki Backups. It will display the top 5000 wiki sites, with additional 'further results' available from the wikilink at the foot of the table.

If you want to backup a MediaWiki wiki, you can use the GitHub-hosted MediaWiki Dump Generator from the MediaWiki Client Tools (Python 3 re-write of WikiTeam tools from the Archive Team). Full instructions are at the MediaWiki Client Tools' MediaWiki Dump Generator GitHub repository. For MediaWiki-powered sites, see the backing up a wiki manual and Manual: dumpBackup.php at

All wiki sites hosted on the Wikia (now branded as Fandom) wiki farm have the potential to be automatically backed up; their files and backup date are to be found at the bottom of their relevant Statistics page. However, in reality, only a very small proportion of the 200,000-odd Wikia wiki sites are automatically backed up; these are indicated by live URLs for their backup files being displayed as a time and date. Those Wikia wikis which have not been backed up simply display 'unknown' for their dummy URL placeholders.

In respect of the Wikimedia Foundation (WMF), every individual wiki site, from every WMF Project is systematically automatically backed up via a dynamic schedule. Due to the prompt frequency of backup operations, it is impossible for us here at WikiIndex to log their specific date of backup. Their individual backup files are all located at; they can be viewed by a live index, or sorted alphabetically by wiki. There are also a small number of independent XML mirror hosts, though typically, they only make available the last five dumps.

Another list of wiki backups for MediaWiki-powered sites is available at WikiApiary.

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