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Help:Contents — this specific 'help' page is intended to list the main groups of targeted pages on this WikiIndex wiki that are designed to help both contributors and visitors. Most of the pages visitors should find useful are in this 'Help' namespace, as identified by the 'Help:' prefix, and / or are in category: Help. Contributors will also find help there, but may additionally want to look at the 'project' pages, which were the seeding ideas from the foundation of this WikiIndex wiki; see WikiIndex:Help.

Search (for a wiki)

The following options are available for the purposes of searching for names of articles, categories, or text within said articles and categories:

  • A 'search' box is provided of every page of this wiki; either in the left sidebar, or at the top right – depending on which skin the user has selected from their user preferences;
  • In the sidebar column at the left in the community section are links to search;
    • Category:Wiki lists is our main content, and one of our 'parent' categories; with hierarchical organisation in many categories;
    • Category:Wiki people is another parent and main category for all people within the 'wikisphere', with few sub-categories;
    • and Category:WikiLogo is the main category for non-specific wiki logos, but beware, 1,000s of logo images are loaded in this category page! Granularisation is now available in sub-categories for individual major wiki organisations such as Wikimedia Foundation logos, and Wikia / Fandom logos; other logo sub-categories include logos for wiki 'engines' (the software which powers the many differing wiki sites), and license logos (identifying logos of the various licenses which wiki content and wiki software is released under);
  • The 'advanced search' function page is provided at Special:Search, or by clicking on the 'Search' button immediately below the search box in the header or sidebar.


This wiki is not an index with a linear structure like a 'Yellow Book' made from paper. It is a collection of article pages organised by use of 'categories', which are also pages themselves. You will find what you are looking far easier if you get an idea what kind of help pages are already available, and how category pages are organised here on WikiIndex.

General-purpose pages

  • About – is a fundamental overview of what we do, and do not do here on WikiIndex;
  • Editing – describes basic wiki editing and formatting;
  • Guidelines — here you will find an overview of some of our policies;
  • Glossary — is an overview of general wiki terms;
  • Community portal — is where any person interested in WikiIndex can share general questions, ideas, suggestions, and even complaints. However, questions on a specific article and / or subject should go on the specific talk page;
  • Help:Login / create account briefly guides you through the process of joining our community by becoming a 'registered' person;
  • Shortcuts advises you how to create a 'shortcut', for maybe an article page with a very long title;
  • Wikilinks – the specific 'blue links' you see many times on all pages on this wiki.

Getting started

  • What is a Wiki is a short page describing the very early history and foundation of the now very popular 'wiki';
  • Sandbox – where new (and existing) users can experiment with the wiki's functionality;
  • Creating new articles provides a walk-through on how to create a generic article page;
    • Add a Wiki gives specific instructions on how to add (catalogue or 'index') external wiki sites to this WikiIndex wiki, and;
    • Adding wiki logo guides you through the process of adding the various logos used by wiki sites, their software, hosts, licenses, etc.;
  • Categorising articles — this page describes how we add individual categories to wiki articles, software, hosts, licenses, etc. For those familiar with the Wikipedia method of categorisation, please note that WikiIndex uses categories in a different manner;
  • Wiki status is the entry for how we describe the 'status' of a wiki;
  • Needed pages is a 'special page' which lists all of the pages we have yet to add here to WikiIndex, also known as 'red links';
  • Renaming pages describes how to rename or 'move' article pages;
  • Deleting pages advises our process for how we delete pages from this WikiIndex site, the nomination process, and the required template.

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