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(As of: 16 March 2013)

Sturmkrieg is a wiki for Warhammer 40,000 that is about the Sturmkrieg Empire, a fan created empire and story. It was originally created with the cooperation of Dondrekhan, Inquisitor Ehrenstein, and Sturmwachter, until Sturmkrieger was removed from the project for taking the story of the Sturmkrieg Empire in an unacceptable direction, mainly supporting German nationalism. The current Sturmkrieg separatist wiki exists to document the background for the Sturmkrieg Empire, and as a place for other people to contribute to it. The goal is also to publish the 'truth' about the Sturmkrieg story. It is also allowed for other users to write about their own background.

Split with[edit]

In 2009, the writers Inquisitor Ehrenstein, Sturmwachter, and Dondrekhan expelled Sturmkrieger from the Sturmkrieg as a result of a deep dispute involving mass rape and post WWII German-Russian racial relations.

The intent was to create an alternative version of Sturmkrieg, although this has yet to be accomplished. Rather than creating growth at, Sturmkrieger's actions have consisted mostly of ranting about how Sturmkrieg is run by Communists who want to rape Germans and conducting vandalism against the English Sturmkrieg.[1]


At some point, the wiki was redirected to a page that reads "Sturmkrieger is a troll from Facebook and Wikipedia who has repeatedly slandered people who do not conform to his pro-Nazi views. He has slandered many people and used almost as many sockpuppet accounts for his activities.", presumably by one of the people that Sturmkrieger trolled.