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wikiFactor (wF) — (list by wFcategorytemplate)
wF = 0 wF = 1 wF = 2 wF = 3 wF = 4
wF = 5 wF = 6 wF = 7 wF = 8 wF = 9
wF = 10–19 wF = 20–49 wF = 50–99 wF = 100–199 wF = 200→

The wikiFactor (wF)[1] is the number of pages in the wiki site that have had more than 1,000 times wF visits. For example, a wikiFactor of, say, 12 means that page number 12 in the ranking list of pages visited has received 12,000 or more visits, whereas page 13 in the ranking list has not yet reached 13,000 visits.

For details on how to calculate the wikiFactor (wF) of a wiki site – go to: how to calculate the wikiFactor of a site.

  1. Dr Carl McBride (20 February 2009); wikiFactor: a measure of the importance of a wiki site. (PDF);; Departamento de Qu'ımica F'ısica. Facultad de Ciencias Qu'ımicas. Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Ciudad Universitaria 28040 Madrid, Spain.

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