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Status: Active
Language: English
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Wiki engine: DokuWiki
Main topic: Latin


Romapedia is an encyclopedia and dictionary that allows visitors to add, remove, edit and change content. It also allows for linking among any number of pages. This ease of interaction and operation makes Romapedia an incredibly effective tool for mass collaborative authoring. In this project, we're bringing a community-driven effort to create a large, exhaustive resource for Latin students, scholars, and the general public.

Romapedia is dedicated to being the most comprehensive latin-to-english-to-latin dictionary, with derivatives, grammar, and other important information around. With your help, we believe Romapedia can become one of the largest Classical sites and the most comprehensive Latin dictionary anywhere. Everyone is encouraged to register for a membership with Romapedia so that you may edit and take advantage of all that Romapedia has to offer.