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Category:Wiki Edit Mode — the sub-categories listed in this Wiki Edit Mode 'mother' or 'parent' category classify wikis by their 'edit mode'. 'Edit mode' refers to the technical limitations imposed by permissioning systems on the wiki software, along with the specific permissions set by their owners or 'bureaucrats'.

The two main types are:

  • OpenEdit — anyone can edit at will, even anonymously (aka 'IP editor')
  • LoginToEdit — anyone can edit, after creating an account with a username and password, and logging-in (no human review of log-ins, and no e-mail verification)

Others we are using are:

  • SaveAfterPreview — fundamentally the same as OpenEdit, but with a specific requirement for IP editors to click on the 'Show preview' button before being allowed to save an edit
  • ConfirmEmail — anyone can edit, after creating an account, registering a valid working e-mail address, and logging in (no human review of log-ins)
  • LoginViaForum — similar to the above ConfirmEmail, in that anyone can edit after creating an account; however, this specifically requires signing up and creating an account on a linked internet forum (you can't create an account soley on the wiki)
  • ByInvitation — only those with prior approval from a human being may edit
  • PayToEdit — you need to pay a fee prior to editing, the smallest amount being just US$1
  • ReadOnly — no one may edit, see category:Wiki Status for possible reasons

If you are unsure, just use UnknownEditMode, and someone else will (hopefully) add the correct one.


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