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Sanrio Wiki aka
Hello Kitty + Sanrio Wiki

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Founded by: Torchickens
Status: Active
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Main topic: Video games
Backups: 2023-08-21
Not to be confused with Sanrio Wiki (Wikia)

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(As of: 2023-12-31)

Sanrio Wiki, previously known as, Hello Kitty + Sanrio Wiki, is a wiki site dedicated to the Hello Kitty and all other franchises created by Sanrio Co., Ltd. It was formerly hosted on ShoutWiki before moving to an independent host of Grifkuba in October 2021. It is affiliated with other independent wikis such as Starfy Wiki and WiKirby, and is also affiliated with the Gaming Wiki Network.[1]


Like the unrelated Wikia-hosted Hello Kitty Wiki, it provides lots of useful (hopefully) and sometimes rare (prior internet-era) information about the worldwide phenomenon Hello Kitty, her friends, and lesser talked about characters from the same company (Sanrio Co., Ltd.), but often still popular, even if only in Japan.

It also aims to be a 'time capsule' of sorts, so that lesser-known characters, mediums, promotions, or anything to do with the company, no matter how small or taken for granted, do not become too obscure; in fact a lot is possibly not even on the internet (or at least the public web in terms of a search engine like Google) yet (e.g. merchandise bar codes). As such, there are many short articles, but adequate character profiles are provided for each character. The wiki is ambitious, and having created 1000 new articles in about six months after long periods of dormancy - it plans to eventually become a well-known resource; next aiming for 5000 articles, then to double the article count each next goal until detail is more important. Perhaps this can be achieved with lots of focus and new merchandise articles (or inviting other friends who have the time / motivation, and are interested with a serious passion for Sanrio); a sub-area that wiki has barely started yet.

In fact, it appears the English community outside of Wikipedia to document Hello Kitty is deceptively recent (today is a digital era; hence print media such as the Japanese Ichigo Shinbun (The Strawberry News; an official first-party Sanrio newspaper) are becoming more obscure; in particular from before the internet was a thing e.g. 1970s issues) - for example, Sanrio and Horacio's World were once linked in Japan (as are currently the immensely popular Peanuts, again for Japan-only). Hello Kitty + Sanrio Wiki, unlike the Wikia version is currently primarily run by one editor (the founder Evie 'Torchickens' themselves).

As a special exception, Hello Kitty + Sanrio Wiki also covers Timenet Co., Ltd., given their links with Hisato Inoue; a former Sanrio artist known for characters such as the famous Badtz-Maru and his legacy at Sanrio.

  • Probably one of the most radical ones, hence listed first. Notability does not exist, as long as it's related to Hello Kitty or Sanrio, although something very loosely may be included in a list (e.g. a list of Sanrio partnerships). Even the UK Hello Kitty magazine by Kennedy Publishing's llama is welcome, or that random snowman which was used in one decoration ever, even if Sanrio were not directly involved; yes even unlicensed ones as long as they are clearly stated to be unlicensed / bootleg (e.g. Hell-No Kitty). However, fan creations that were never sold in mass, may end up in one list (e.g. 'Giga art submission article'); at least to eventually build a community.
  • Freedom of expression is good; if it floats your boat, add as many ~ and ^^ and :( to articles as you want! (Though Torchickens generally has avoided emoji in almost all the articles anyway).
  • Like lots of non-Wikipedia wikis, original research is welcome; it's smaller so is more trust-based, except still articles with no official source, or at least an image (e.g. of a character) may be deleted. In time, this may become an issue.
  • Sanrio Wiki is not a fanon wiki, but sociological topics, and articles about existing fan creations in the context of how they relate with real content and fan response is welcome too. In this case, even speculation, original research and opinion is permitted, as long as they aren't insisted to be definitive truth. This may be unlike Wikipedia, which tries to restrict sociological topics to reliable sources (though trusted sources will occasionally get things wrong too); conversely, Wikipedia are not a 'rumour mill'.
  • Mixed approach on the concept of censorship.
    • Warn about darker Sanrio topics with a prompt for discretion or parent guidance (despite being a relatively child-friendly company; these things do exist, such as Chirin no Suzu, or some Timenet manga details (similar to Pokémon Pocket Monsters (note: Pokémon is not Sanrio); considered the first 'true' Pokémon manga but contains content Western countries likely would consider adult)).
    • A similar warning for fortune-telling, divination or 占い (uranai) (there is an accepted sub-culture of adult women who divine in Japan; and Nintendo of Japan have not banned video games which are about or cover these, including elaborate divination references concerning archetypes or more obscure (for the West) divination techniques than just tarot cards).
    • Strictly don't include any images that could trigger photo-sensitive epilepsy; if any happen, mention it in text; after all, wikis may push the concept of fair use in concept.
    • Controversial, but if leaks reveal a Sanrio product cover it (but with some note of respect to Sanrio). Exceptions are recent leaks (no rule yet, but one of the cancelled Game Boy games is better than a hypothetical leaked Nintendo Switch game), user data, locations, slander, which are strictly forbidden.
  • On this note, hate speech is strictly forbidden (as most wikis would likely agree) - yet there'll have to be some policy on what is aggressive, what is passive aggressive (...) compared to reporting an event that may have offended (which would get the previously mentioned mature content note).
  • While kawaii is considered the equivalent of cute, it's regarded as a different word here; for its subtle different connotations between Japan and America, the United Kingdom, etc. (e.g. kawaii anime characters and voices) - but this rule is not strict; saying these are cute is permissible.


  1. Sanrio Wiki becomes an affiliate;; Gaming Wiki Network; 18 May 2023; accessed 19 June 2023.
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