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Grifkuba gaming services
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Main topic: Wiki farm
Founded by: tacopill (founder)
Owner / CEO: Owner and/or CEO
(owner and/or CEO)
Engine: MediaWiki
Farm topic: Video games
Status: Active
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Grifkuba Gaming Services (GGS) is a group of gamers (as in people who play video games) who offer services for the love of gaming.[1]

  • These services range from hosting game-themed wiki sites, to being a launching place for Indie games.
  • These services are for free, or low cost, and donations are periodically asked for.
  • These services are done by volunteers, students and day labourers, none of whom are paid to do so.
  • These services may use revenue-generating techniques in the future, and all said revenue will go to pay for operating expenses.
  • These services offer one free show a month, under the conditions that a bowl of a specified-color M&Ms is provided.

The Grifkuba General Wiki is the meta and support wiki for the Grifkuba wiki farm. Grifkuba is a member of the Square Enix Independent Wiki Alliance (SEIWA).

Wiki sites[edit]

A list of articles related to the Grifkuba wiki farm.

It hosts the following wikis:[2]

wiki name URL
Grifkuba General Wiki
Arthur Wiki (Grifkuba)
Conker Wiki (Grifkuba)
Crash Bandicoot Wiki (Grifkuba)
Diary of a Wimpy Kid Wiki
Etrian Odyssey Wiki
Final Fantasy Wiki (
Hanna-Barbera Wiki (Grifkuba)
Hello Kitty + Sanrio Wiki
Lylat Wiki
Marioverse Wiki
Mega Man Wiki (Grifkuba)
Power Master Wiki
Rare Wiki
SpongeBob Wiki (Grifkuba)
Spyro Wiki (Grifkuba)
Square Enix Independent Wiki Alliance
Square Enix Wiki
WikiBound (en)
WikiBound (Italian)

Formerly hosted wikis[edit]

wiki name URL
Fanon Wiki
Fire Emblem Wiki
Pikmin Fanon


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