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In some parts of the wikisphere, notability is a vital qualifier for a subjects' inclusion into a wiki site. Indeed, anyone familiar with Wikipedia will be aware of an absolute qualification for notability; otherwise, any articles (newly created, or long existing) failing the notability test are highly likely to be nominated for deletion from Wikipedia. Even for articles which otherwise comply with the other requirements for inclusion on said Wikipedia (or other wiki sites which follow the Wikipedia ' model'), such as adequate citations, correct page structure and layout, appropriate supporting materials (photographs, diagrams, etc), and general compliance with the Manual of Style (MoS) – will still be nominated for deletion from Wikipedia if notability is not soundly proven. Some malicious editors have even tried to use the 'speedy deletion' process, in the hope of denying the allotted time for others who are interested in the viability of the article to find and research adequate notability. Thankfully, 'speedy delete' requests are usually rejected for notability issues (unless notability is also included together with other breaches of Wikipedia inclusion policy).

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