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Gaming Wiki Network (GWN) (vet)
members affiliates
MediEvil Wiki
Arthur Wiki
Conker Wiki
Rare Wiki
(Rare Ltd.)
Diary of a Wimpy Kid
Crash Bandicoot Wiki
(Crash Bandicoot)
SaGa Wiki
(Square Enix)
Independent Fallout Wiki
SpongeBob Wiki
Final Fantasy Wiki
(Final Fantasy)
Spyro Wiki
(Spyro the Dragon)
Wiki of Mana
Triforce Wiki
(The Legend of Zelda)
Kingdom Hearts Database
(Kingdom Hearts)

The Gaming Wiki Network, or GWN, is a wiki network of various independently-hosted gaming content wiki sites.


The Gaming Wiki Network was founded on 15 October 2020 by RMV. As of December 2022, the GWN has since amassed twelve member wiki sites, and became affiliated with three other wiki sites and one additional wiki network, namely the Square Enix Independent Wiki Alliance (SEIWA). Although most of its member wiki sites are hosted by Grifkuba, the network welcomes any independent wiki about video games.

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