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Main topic: Wiki Engine
Founded by: Wiki engine founder
Owner / CEO: Owner and/or CEO
Interface language: English
Programming language: Free Pascal
Software license: Commercial License
Status: Active

3F Wiki is a wiki engine – a non-free paid-for wiki engine!

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Over thirty years of software development experience went into this product. We collaborated with a Features Team consisting of 10 different business men and women, all coming from 10 different industries and backgrounds. The initial objective was to build a tool capable of handling a wide range of web page layouts. Once this was achieved, our next objective was to make sure a web user could easily manage the content... we feel we have exceeded both requirements by introducing the first and only wiki companion for the Desktop called 3F Wiki Editor.

Our wiki engine has one of the most advanced search algorithms on the market. Capable of distinguishing the differences between useful content and fluff. Comparing existing database content and ranking the words to the search terms your visitor has requested.

Our wiki engine provides an open-database architecture. No longer is a web master restricted to one or two database solutions. Our product has been installed with leading database engines including Oracle, DB2 and smaller franchise solutions like mySQL and PostgreSQL.

Our wiki engine has an extensive HTML interface providing you with the flexibility to integrate with your existing web site design.

We support content editing using any web browser, including text based browsers commonly found on Unix and Linux terminals. We have found there are times when you must support older interfaces, like a text based web browser. So, our product was built from scratch to support old interfaces, modern GUI browsers, AJAX 2.0 interfaces and our own Windows Desktop companion (3F Wiki Editor).