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ARRSEPedia is the totally unofficial wiki for the British Army – from its sister-site ARRSE – the 'ARmy Rumour SErvice' (a website containing official news articles, and a highly active forum). ARRSE and ARRSEPedia are for all currently serving members of the British Army, former members, future members, cadet forces members; and anyone else interested in the British Army. Indeed, ARRSE and ARRSEPedia are regularly referred to and quoted in the British media.

"The ARRSEPedia is a Wiki, just like wikipedia, but for the British Army / ARRSE, and not quite 100% serious. The ARRSEPedia is a mass of armyticles that anyone can create or Edit. The idea is that if everyone contributes a little of his knowledge, opinions, sense of humour and experience, then something really impressive... the ARRSEPedia.. is created. The most important thing is that you or anyone else can contribute immediately with no interference. You can start new pages or edit existing ones. If you'd like to share your knowledge of Rations, feel free. We would all just love to know about Satellites for example. What about your experience of operations or knowledge of Places and Postings? Anything in fact - in short, get writing . . ."

The BEST unofficial British Army resource on the 'net; ARRSEPedia contains articles which range from the highly factual, to the utterly irrelevant – with a liberal dose of 'forces humour' – so if easily offended, some articles may verge on being offensive; including profanities, and non 'politically-correct' points of view! Read all about the Challenger – the pongos' 'office', and their gat; the Army's lack of tolerance to Walts, along with a tongue-in-cheek read of some inter-service rivalry with the Royal Air Force. And for some really interesting reading, digest the British Military Procurement Mysteries – if you dare!

Please note – it is highly doubtful you will find any info on real arses backsides on the ARRSEPedia . . .

ARRSEPedia uses the MediaWiki software, modified with a slightly customised skin, and hosts advertising by way of GoogleAds. Its content is released under the GNU Free Documentation License v.1.2 (GNU FDL 1.2, or GFDL 1.2).

ARRSE and ARRSEPedia are part of Olive Network — which also includes Navy-Net (aka 'Rum Ration' – a similar website and forum for the Royal Navy), 'RearParty' (a site dedicted to the non-serving dependants of service personnel, such as wives, husbands, children and parents), and 'PatchPedia' (a wiki on British military domestic sites including married quarters). And for the lonely Pongo, Olive Network also hosts OliveDating a type of '' for desperate squaddies!

Great features[edit]

ARRSE and ARRSEPedia have some great features:

  • Waltism — known in North America as 'stolen valor' – when used in British Military speak is an abbreviation of 'Walter Mitty'. Military folk across the globe are united in their detestment of ordinary civilians who claim to have 'served' in the Armed Forces, particularly those who claim to be the recipients of military campaign medals or awards, and who wear them in public at Remembrance Day parades, or who use them for their own personal betterment (through enhanced employment opportunities, or 'upgrades' at social or society functions). In the United States and many other countries, this is illegal – but in the United Kingdom, there is no such law prohibiting such low-life behaviour. The British Military take these matters extremely seriously – and members of ARRSE put great efforts into hunting down these 'Walts' (by the dedicated 'Waltenkommando') and exposing them for the frauds they are. Their efforts are carefully documented on both the ARRSE forums, and also published on the ARRSEPedia.
  • Influences in National Media — by its very nature, the entire gamut of military operations is often surrounded in secrecy, with many aspects of the British Armed Forces being subjected to the Official Secrets Act. Unfortunately, when the journalists from all walks of media in the UK try to seek information on the UK military, even mundane stuff such as pay and allowances, or state of repairs to military accommodation; over-eager Civil Servants at the Ivory Tower otherwise known as Whitehall (often derogatorily known as Civil Serpents) are often known to 'hide' behind the veil of secrecy otherwise known as the Official Secrets Act. Frustratingly, journalists sought other sources for their information, and ARRSE was to prove a reliable partner to the media. ARRSE and ARRSEPedia are now frequently cited in all of the UKs national and international media; including the BBC (1 and 2), Reuters, The Times and Sunday Times, The Telegraph, The Guardian, The Independent, the Daily Mail, The Sun, The Mirror (1 and 2), and the Daily Star.

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