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Alyah Skye drinking bubble milk tea

Alyah Skye Fox, known in the wikisphere as PolyFox, is a geographic information systems (GIS) expert and life coach. The child of environmental lawyer Arthur Larson and mediator Dotty Larson, and the sister of Nathan Larson, she grew up in Charlottesville, Virginia and Culpeper, Virginia. She studied computer science and geology at James Madison University, and travelled throughout the American West, enjoying the beautiful sedimentary rock formations and at one point working for the National Park Service (NPS). Later, Skye was a recycling outreach coordinator at University of Colorado Boulder, where she graduated with an environmental studies degree.

She worshipped as an Episcopalian for several years, but later joined the Science of Mind church, and for a brief time got involved in a yoga cult before finally forsaking organized religion. She views attending the Landmark Forum as also having been an important formative experience. Skye is interested in reincarnation and in who she was and what she did and experienced in previous lifetimes. She believes that we must continue living and dying until we have learned everything we needed to learn. She believes the purpose of life is to enjoy it, and she places a high importance on not becoming overly attached (and thereby setting oneself up for pain when the outcome is not what was planned), and on not judging or trying to control other people.

She views life as a journey and learning experience in which everything we go through has something useful to teach us. Skye plans on living in San Francisco or Sedona, Arizona, finishing a book she is writing called Life is a Playground, and starting her own life coaching business. She was married to Josh Vrabel for three years in the early 2000s. She is presently in a polyamorous relationship with her husband, Frank Hsiao, and they have moved from Atlanta back to Boulder. On 25 October 2013, she founded PolyWiki.

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