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Founded by: Scott Moonen
Status: Dead
Language: English
Edit mode: OpenEdit
Wiki engine: Unknown engine
Wiki license: Copyright to contributing authors
Main topic: Personal

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AndStuff, originally known as AndStuffWiki, was a wiki web site community for discussion of WorldViews and related topics under that umbrella, such as religion, philosophy, politics, and ethics. The site was launched using the PhpWiki software, but subsequently changed to a different unknown wiki engine.

The full listing of topics are: the bible, bible chapter summaries, biblical theology, books, C/C++, catechism, Christ is Lord, commentary, common grace, covenant, creeds and confessions, current events, database, discussion questions, essays, humor, hymns, JavaScript, love of God, meta, miscellany, music, parenting, patterns, performance, personal, poetry, programming, python, questions, quotations, rails, recipes, resources, security, sermon notes, suffering, tools, trinity, union with Christ, vocation, and worship.

In May 2004, AndStuffWiki founder and creator Scott Moonen announced the closure of AndStuffWiki "on or about August 1, 2004".

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