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Main topic: Philosophy


This is wiki. That means that to this Internet site can contribute in principle everyone. A famous example of wiki provides Wikipedia. These wiki ' anchor for philosophy ' use the same software as Wikipedia. With the name ' anchor for philosophy ' we press from what the intention of these wiki is. Internet produces a sea of texts. It is not simple in that sea an efficient find rate, when one aims at - using those texts - well with others talking. With these wiki we do study into ways are this sea of texts to navigate.

We have about that a clear idea. We described the idea in Encyclopedia or Digital Government, a pretentious work which will appear in 2006. Our Article is called Usenet and the pro-active ombudsman. Usenet are internet-infrastructuur that able put for texts rapidly, without thresholds, extra and heavy technical requirements cost, everywhere confessed make. It is with that a public space. The texts frequently appear physical to each other in a relation from answer to question. If that relation is there, one speaks of a wire, ' thread '. Although that physical relation is there, it very frequently the question is if vervolg-tekst are also really the answer on the earlier text. He who reacts beat is frequently own gone of associations in. The consequence is that the original subject affects been snowed under. Our idea is the initiator of ' thread ' give the possibility at a prominent place to indicate how he experiences the several responses to its initiative as an answer on its initiative. We think that such a possibility large social impact. People can itself without large effort responsible making for ' threads '. Others can choose on their judgements to descend, if they have enough time little, or know the ' wire President ' as a friend with the same interest.